Building volume! Tropical birds

  • I'm finally settled after a move and Just picked up my artwork again! After watching Will's video on what to include in a portfolio and Lee's business class about portfolios, my new goal is to produce 2-4 new images a month. I know they won't all be good and I don't really expect for all of them to be usable; it's really about the practice of going from start to finish.

    This image is giving me some difficulty. I was working on perspective, which I think is okay-ish. What is bothering me is the silhouette. The monster and the teddy bear are a little fuddled. I've toyed with moving them around, but I can't seem to get it right. I'd love some other eyes on this and feedback! Thanks is advance!

    0_1468688266288_bed teddy 4.jpg

  • @bharris I love the volume as you put it. Everything looks well drawn and solid. Looks good to me. I like the color scheme too.

  • @Chris-Perry Thanks! I just moved the bear and shrunk it down, and I like it a bit better. 🙂 Seems to get the story across too.

    0_1468696418534_bed teddy 5.jpg

  • Pro SVS OG

    This a nice piece, with a beautiful choice of colors. The perspective of the table does not match the bed, I think - the top plane is fine but the bottom foot should be much more foreshortened and the pole should have the same tilt as the bed posts.
    Have you considered taking away the teddy bear completely? Is it a needed element of the story?
    Your image makes me think at "I need my monster", a picture book by Amanda Noll and Howard McWilliam that my kids love beyond measure (and I dread, because I have read it at least a hundred times...)

  • SVS OG

    @bharris It looks great! I love the monster design, especially that cute face, it's just the right mix of cute and mischievous 🙂

  • @smceccarelli Thank you! I will change the table, I was just starting to work on it and you're right! For me the story line is that she dropped the bear and there is a monster under the bed she is afraid of. I was hoping to make the monster a collector of her things, but it gets rather cluttered if I add other things under the bed... Not sure if that will come across.
    Too much of a good thing! Beautiful images in that book. 🙂

    @Dulcie Thank you, I was scrolling through Danny Beck's stuff and was inspired to try a monster. I've never done one before.

  • Finishing the bear and lighting today, day off and then on to the next project. 🙂

    0_1468766006214_Bed teddy 6.jpg

  • Finished! Whew. An image a week may be a lot... lol!

    0_1468775670167_Bed teddy Final.jpg

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @bharris Looks great! Good luck with an image a week.

  • Love the monster, so cute. Wonderful work with this @bharris! 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @bharris Iagree that the table doesn't match the perspective of the bed and I feel like the monster should be a little deeper under the bed or something..or maybe the shadow go bsck a little farther toward the lighted side. Just a little but, maybe it's supposed to be right on the edge and showing a bit. I also love the colors and it si so cute.

  • SVS OG

    This turned out really nice @bharris ! Nice rendering style and texture. Really starting to have your own distinct style that I recognize! Settled into the new location I hope?

    I made a couple quick notes as things you might try that I think would make this read a little clearer, but finished not perfect as Jake says right?
    -Turning the bear would let us see both ears, classic bear shape and make it read at a glance I think.
    -If she was pulling the covers up a bit, it might add to showing her anxiety (bunching the covers up nervously) and it would give some room for a clear profile of the monster
    -ballerina should match the angle of the lamp and table being a round shape.
    --There is a lot of the same color in this image, making the monster a different color might help break things up.

    My two cents 🙂


  • @natiwata WOW! Thank you for that insight! It looks so great like that and so much more dynamic and a better story! I've moved on to the next project, but I've downloaded this for when I can go back and re-work it. 🙂

    @Chip-Valecek @JajaJulie Thank you!

    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Thanks for that! I really struggled with the table, but it still is a little off. I'll go back and re-work the image later.

  • @natiwata spot on!

    @bharris awesome work! I especially like the design of the monster.

  • Did another piece for building volume and trying different things! I already notice that the tone is off, but I'm moving on to the next and learning as I go!

    0_1469844637999_Tropical birds 3.jpg

  • I love how you can switch styles so easily. This is really nice.

  • @Rachel Thanks! I guess I'm still exploring to find what I like working with best. 🙂

  • I love this, just a small note, the darkest value next to the lightest value is in the lower right, the two leaves... I would make this lighter area behind the yellow bird, behind the dark leaf darker than the leaf not lighter. That way, your yellow bird would pop out instead of the background behind the dark leaf. this is a great style and I like the birds, I might have to use this as a source in the future! Nice job!

  • @Russ-Van-Dine Thank you! I noticed that too after I finished. Also the tone from the background to the pink bird is basically the same. Gray scale is so helpful! I plan on revisiting a lot of the work I'm doing, it really is never finished!

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