One punch man line art

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    Hey Isaac, great sketch here! I love the dutched camera angle and overall design.

    One thing that is holding this piece back in my opinion (very subjective feedback here) is that it feels sort of generic. The character doesn't have anything that is going to make a viewer really want to know more about him. I'd suggest coming up with a few very defining features that are specific to this character that makes him different from all the other super heros and villians we have seen. What is his background? Where is he from? What are his special skills? What is he afraid of? These types of questions can start you down that road.

    Again, good looking sketch. I look forward to seeing more from you! : )

  • The funny thing is that he's called one punch man is because he can destroy anyone or anything with one punch, but the creators wanted him to look generic 🙂 regards