Campfire! (the scouts project)

  • Hey guys! Christina Brown here. I've been working on a series of related images for my portfolio. I'm trying to stay consistent with my characters while also showing different happenings. Here are some of my completed images...

    My last two will be a double page spread and a few cropping spots.

    Can you help me with my spread? Is this composition working? How can I make it better? All I want to know about right now is placement. Tone and definition and be done later. Thanks!

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    @Christina-Taylor-Brown these are great IMO. I love the first one in the pool. So much fun and expression. I also feel the two page spread works well, as far as nothing important falling into the gutter. Looking forward to seeing it finished. I know its only a sketch but i would make the background darker since it would be set at night.

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    These are wonderful!! All of them have great story, poses, expressions. I love your color scheme and your painting technique is really great! I think the composition on the last one looks good - I cannot see any problem with it. Maybe the only concern I would have is with the main character "cutting out" the section on the left, which may end up looking detached from the rest of the action. I am not sure it would be a problem, though, just something I may ponder for a while.

  • @Christina-Taylor-Brown I'm not sure if its just me, the black and white one feels like I want to see juuust a little bit more on the bottom right corner? Or I am just dyslexic that way 😕

    Overall your work is really bright and vibrant, but I feel like every part of the image has the same vibrancy/contrast which makes it a bit harder for the eye to focus. I would love to hear what you think about it.
    All the best!

    PS: where are you posting these pieces? personal portfolio website or something like behance?

  • I love your first piece with the girls in the pool. I think it's brilliantly done- composition, painting, color. Fabulous.

    For the composition of the b/w double page spread, consider bringing the tent further back in the background behind the camper on the right and bringing- only to increase the depth of the perspective in the piece. Just an idea.
    And what if you moved the girl in the foreground a little more to the left so her stick isn't in the gutter. She could also be enlarged just a bit too.
    I really like what you've got and look forward to seeing the finished composition. Cheers!

  • Thank you all so much for your input. I've made a few changes and am now laying down some color. This is my third step in a 8 part process so don't get too attached to anything. The fuzzy glow will disappear and I put in my details half-way though. Thanks for all the suggestions. If anything is sticking out, or you want to do a paint over on any of these images, feel free! I am here to be the best me I possibly can.

    @Nazuba I see what you mean, How would you fix that? I did feel the same about the corner. I put a little more action going on. Is it working now?

  • Oh! These are just for my own practice. I will put the best ones in my portfolio to display that I am able to be consistent with a character in different settings.

    You can see all of my work here: (add me as your friend! I love being social!)

    and I'm @christinabdraws on twitter and instagram

  • @Christina-Taylor-Brown Yes the tension of wanting to see more over there has gone away 😃 How I would solve the problem would depend on the story, of which I know very little.
    What is happening to the girl in the left corner there? Also the space you kept for gutter, doesn't it feel a bi too on purpose? I feel like since there are two parts of people on both the left and right, the space and the gutter would make it look disconnected.


  • @Nazuba I fixed it a bit. Here's My latest version. Still Hours to go before I finish, but feel free to give me your thoughts. Oh and the girl in the background is just dancing around with her marshmallows on fire.

  • I think I'm finished. I'm getting tired of working on it, but I'd like to give it my best effort. Do you have any suggestions for me @Will-Terry @Lee-White @Jake-Parker ?

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    It turned out great. The only thing is the leader, would kids know she is wearing a mud mask? I think just the surprised look on her face would have been enough. A kid might think she is a zombie.

  • Brilliant work, its great fun to look at. The characters have personality and presence, thanks so much for sharing. ❤

  • @Christina-Brown it turned out so cute! I love it. The fire is nice and alive. I love the counselors mud mask and cucumbers (totally not a zombie- any mom would understand that). Great expression and pose. Lighting is great, colors are rich. Characters read well and are interesting. Congrats!

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