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  • Hello SVS people, I have a phone call later today for what will hopefully be my first pb/cb job * fingers crossed *. I have read a lot of great information for pay on these forums alone (links below) but I was a bit restless last night realizing that I don't have a contract ready to protect myself and my art.

    From what I've read here and heard from Will, Jake and Lee I know most of what should be included (IP & royalties being the most important) but I don't know how to write a contract. Plus I don't want to forget something and shoot myself in the foot later. I found a "Freelance creative contract" at CreativeClass but don't know if that would be specific enough for the $250 price tag.

    Is there any advice that you would be willing to share?

    Some good reads on pricing:
    Advance on sample advice (SVS)
    New Client/Pricing advice (SVS)
    Hiring an Illustrator
    Pricing your work

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    Buy the pricing and ethical guidelines book that I recommend in the business video. They have contracts already in there that are solid. They now have it as a digtial download.


    BTW, most companies will provide you with the contract so you dont have to supply it yourself. They have these already written up, so be careful and read it (and understand it) before you sign.

  • Awesome @Lee-White, thank you for the advice! I was just looking over your class. I was thinking that a contract would be exchanging in both directions as a way to protect each other's interests.

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