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  • Does anyone have any experience with Motion artist or Anime Studio? I got Anime Studio 11 pro on offer last year (Upgrade from Toonboom Studio which I got really cheap in a Macheist special offer a few years ago but never used because it looked scary).
    I have bought a book on how to learn the basics of Anime Studio 10 the other day. I don't know if I will use it much, but I keep reading that animation skills are useful to Illustrators or will become more useful in the future so I want to learn it. I would like to just do basic things like animated Illustrations or perhaps things like book trailers at first.
    @leewhite Please could you tell me if there will there be any courses in the future on SVS Learn about how to make book trailers or how to animate your illustrations?

  • @Christine-Garner I don't have experience with those programs, but if your familiar in Photoshop they do have a feature called Timeline. It's a nice transition into something like Adobe After Effects.

    I checked out your blog and enjoyed looking at your art! Best of luck with your animation adventure 🙂

  • Hi @Christine-Garner

    I'm just beginning to dabble in basic animation now myself, but I'll be using a combination of Photoshop (for the onion skinning/drawing and timeline), Premiere Pro (putting together the animation clips with sound) and for anything more complicated/flashy animation-wise, After Effects. Since I have the full Adobe suite anyway, I might as well stick with those programs. And they're professional-grade anyhow.

    I'd love to hear more about your journey with it. I'd also really love it if SVS had a course on it. I find that it's very hard to find courses online in animating hand drawn illustration styles. There's a boat load of using Premiere and After Effects with just video or vector-based illustration, which is not exactly helpful to those of us doing rasterized artwork styles.

  • @Cyd Thanks, I'll look in to that. I'm also thinking of using Krita as well for testing some basic animation as they have got hand drawing animation features in it now.

    Hi @DanetteDraws , that sounds cool 🙂 I don't have the full Adobe Suite, but I have been hearing about After Effects being useful. I have to stick to Anime Studio, Photoshop and Krita for now just while I learn. Hopefully there will be similarities in the process that will translate to different software's.

    Yes I think a hand drawn animation course would be awesome, I've always loved hand drawn animation (grew up in the golden age of Disney and Don Bluth).

  • Pro SVS OG

    I have done a little bit of character animation and quite a lot of motion graphics. My experience is only with Adobe software: Flash for character animation (which has now been superseded by Animate, which is quite similar) and After Effects for motion design - although you basically need After Effects for anything video-related at some point or other. I am definitely not an expert, but two things I can say: a) hand-drawn animation is mind-bogglingly time consuming (think like 5-8 weeks of work for one minute of animation). I basically did less than five minutes of it in my whole life, and that has been enough for least for the time being. b) Adobe After Effects is probably the nicest piece of software I have ever used: it's awesomely flexible (nowadays you can also do pretty decent character animation with it), incredibly stable and just a lot of fun. It takes about 1-2 years to feel comfortable with it, though.
    I have no experience with raster-based hand-drawn animation, but my teachers had recommended TVPaint or ToonBoon for that. You can do a little in Photoshop, but it was not born for that, so there will always be limitations.

  • @smceccarelli Thank you for your insight 🙂 much appreciated.

  • Thank you for your advice on this guys, I've been looking into the software you mentioned just to see what my options are. Unfortunately my budget does not allow for Adobe CC just yet, however I want to learn 3D sculpting in Blender at some point (free and open source) and that comes with video editing tools and animation tools that might be useful as well. I would have loved to try ZBrush as well, I've been fantasizing about that software for years after I tried a free trial years ago, but I definitely can't afford that yet either. Bummer....
    I'll let you know how I get on at my blog. @smceccarelli I took another look at your website, your art is amazing, I love your Brownies project and art of book. @Cyd your Tumblr is awesome 🙂

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