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    I've been doing some research on trying to set up my pages to be ready for print and came across three recommendations. Maybe this is what I need more than learn to draw digitally, just use it to set up my files, etc? The three suggested were Illustrator, InDesign and now I forgot the other one. So, these are what you use to prepare pages for printing? I will keep researching this but I am wondering if anyone else uses desk top publishing software. Does it work with picture books too? How difficult is it to use? Thank you! Oh! Can it be used with traditional art that is scanned?

  • InDesign is the one you want to set up your pages. It is very easy to use. There are many tutorials on you tube you can look at to see how it works. Good luck!

  • I didn't use any special programs (other than photoshop). Where ever you are printing it will probably give you the page specifications.

    For instance, print ninja has a reference sheet for the bleed and trim and so all I did was to use the ruler in photoshop to get all the right sizes/lines set up.

    But now that I think of it--you did these traditionally right? So are you scanning them and sending the digital files?

  • InDesign is industry standard. At one point years ago Quark was the gold standard, but things shifted to InDesign because it was bundled with other Adobe products, and since then InDesign has really stepped up their game too.

    I don't know if the third was Quark (It may be) but if you work with Photoshop on your artwork anyhow it more than makes sense to use InDesign.

    Illustrator has different artboards you can use, however, is really best for single page stuff like posters. InDesign is the best for books or other multi-page projects

    You can place in traditionally scanned artwork to an InDesign file, yes. You would do most edits to it though outside of InDesign, like in PS. It just lays out the linked file for you on the page.

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    Definitely InDesign - it is the most powerful, versatile and flexible software for layout and it is industry standard for a reason. It also keeps improving and in the CC version it can also make interactive files to publish online. Basically you can do your own interactive book and publish it. It is also industry standard for preparing files for press.
    It takes some time to learn to use it properly, but there are tons of resources out there. And it is a well-invested effort. Since learning InDesign I also use it instead of Word or Pages, because it is so much easier to format and control the text in InDesign than in Word!
    Illustrator is good for single-page stuff, like flyers and posters, but not adequate for multi-page documents. It can use artwork from any source: digital, scanned, photos, etc...It is part of the Adobe suite, so it links also photoshop and Illustrator files live (basically, you link the file and whenever you make edits or anything in photoshop or Illustrator it automatically updates the image in InDesign).

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    @mattramsey Yes, I'm hoping to scan them if I can get a working scanner here 🙂 I'm afraid I might have some work a little too close to the edge on a couple of the pages, though I was careful about the gutter and the sides. I'm still not too good with the digital stuff.

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    Thanks to all for their comments. It sounds like InDesign is the one to use (if I can figure it out). Maybe I just need to scan them and send them to the printer and see if there are corrections to be made. Ugh.......wish i had a computer chip in my brain 🙂

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