Girl and Spider illustration

  • hi everyone. I did this today and and was wondering what people thought of it. I still don't think my people are there yet. but hopefully the more i do the better and easier it will be.
    0_1461865845539_spider sketch.jpg
    0_1461865861037_Spider and Girl.jpg

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    I think your girl character looks really cute, the face especially is very nice. She looks surprised rather than scared, is that the emotion you wanted? If you want her scared, the angles of her mouth have to turn down a little. The one thing that disturbs me though is that her hand and leg seem to disintegrate and dissolve. I do not know if it is my monitor, but I cannot make out her bottom legs and feet in the darkness, and this makes it feel as if she has lost them...kind of creepy. I very much like the light on the face, the color scheme and the general composition and pose!

  • Thank you for the reply smceccarelli . I definitely think she needs to be scared so i will have to change that. I put a dark tone over the legs with a texture but maybe I should bring them back in. i don't really want it looking to creepy i'll post a new version tomorrow for you to look at. Thank you.

  • I just did a quick paint over. Hope this looks better.

    0_1461870011271_spider and girl 2.jpg

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