My twist on Mona Lisa

  • Here is my twist on Mona Lisa. It took nearly a month to complete it. LEt me know what you guys think. 0_1461507027943_Mona Lisa.jpg

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    @karien I think the addition of the book is hilarious! And the Mickey watch!
    It is beautifully painted and very funny. It puzzles me that the eyes seem to be different sizes - was that a wanted effect?

  • lol thanks. well the face is a bit turned so the one eye must be smaller.....

  • @Karien I agree with @smceccarelli that this is beautifully painted! And I also agree on the eyes... the pose is so slightly 3/4 that there wouldn't be that much of a difference between the eyes. Even on a full 3/4 view there is not much of a difference because there is not a lot of distance between the two eyes. However the shape of the eye on the far side of the head will change and be narrower

    These images below are really 3/4 views and even then there is not a big difference in eye sizes, but mostly in their shapes.

    Hope this helps!

  • Cool thanks I will change it!

  • 0_1461691746038_Mona Lisa Showcase.jpg

    Does this look better?

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    Hi Karien, Great that you are doing some of these painting studies. The eyes will always be a focal point, so you really have to nail them in order for the painting to be "right". One thing I should point out is that your overall value is too high in the white part of the eyes. (In other words, they are too white). Most painters use a sligtly lighter version of the skin tone to do the eyes. That way they sit in the pic and don't jump out at you. Check out the photos in the post above. Look how dark the value is for the whites of the eyes. In the second pic, the white part of the eye may actually be darker than the skin tone! Check out the real Mona Lisa here. notice how the eyes just blend in with the rest of the painting. Your eyes may be helped by simplifying the values in there too. No need to render if you dont have to. : )

    Hope that helps some. : )


  • Wow thanks for all the help and thanks @Lee-White for helping me out! I now notice that the eyes are almost the same color , never knew that, Thanks Lee!

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