Tick-Tock Bathroom scenes

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    0_1460837498103_12998276_10208552424901620_2928269300401784062_o.jpg 0_1460837501626_12984066_10208552429781742_595943174407344776_o.jpg 0_1460837506173_13002461_10208552431301780_3818072081103931183_o.jpg 0_1460837520209_12976927_10208552433021823_5238986318249717407_o.jpg

    I have a couple of scenarios for the bathroom scene in my book. The top one is flipped because I realized that it's partner page would be cut off if I didn't change the position. Of course, now the turtle on the rug is backward and the picture doesn't look as good to me. Maybe I can just shrink the other a bit. ANYWAY, the top two are my newest version. I didn't really like the lower one-especially the clock but, now, I kind of like the lower version but still not crazy about that clock. Maybe I should combine different elements. I work long and hard and don't think I can do another change but then, I still see things wrong and need o fix them. I am, however getting closer to feeling done. Seems like I have been working on this forever but, I am learning a lot. It looks primitive and crooked and the colors might be odd combos but I'm starting to feel good about it so I know I'm getting close to the end. I'm also ready to start learning some digital so I can make fixes without redrawing everything over and over again 🙂 Thank goodness for graphite paper and my copy machine as tools or it would be even longer. Sorry this is long. I am ready (and a little afraid) for your professional inputs 🙂 Thanks!

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen I like the comp in the bottom piece so the idea of combining the turtle clock with the bottom piece would look good. Would give the bathroom that underwater kid decor.

  • I think the angle and composition in the lower piece is working well, I think If you do what Rich suggests and also keep the green tiles around the wall as that brings it together as a nice colour scheme for the bathroom and looks friendlier than the blank wall.

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    @Christine-Garner thanks. That's kind of what I was thinking. Thanks so much.

  • I do agree with what people have said. love the angle you have on the bottom piece. well done.

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