Portfolio feedback, 2 sites? Video game artist dilemma.

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    Hey folks, I've been struggling with something for a while. I have been a video game artist/art director for many years and the problem is that I need this site for game work, but I don't think it is appropriate for illustration clients. Past experience has shown me that they take a look at the site and it's a turn off to see all the game work mixed in with the illustration.

    So my idea has been to make a separate site that is strictly for illustration work. What do you think? Is it a detriment for people to NOT see all of my other work? Here's a link to both sites:

    Current Portfolio with all game art: www.natiwata.com
    New test site for illustration: http://iwataillustration.weebly.com/

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    @natiwata I really like the separate sites myself Nat - they are both full of impressive work but the illustration site gives a much better idea of the kind of work you as an artist are really interested in pursuing and what a client can expect to get when they hire you - i like the format too - i vote for separate sites 🙂

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    Nat, I think your instincts are right here, at least from the advice I’ve read here previously. I also need to make at least one more website because I need to separate out my children’s book art from my ‘day job’ so to speak…but having decided to do that, I still worried about whether that’s the right thing to do….So I took particular interest in @Lee-White’s post a while back where he mentioned that at one point he had three separate websites for each of the art specialties he was doing:


  • I like the websites separate. It makes your illustrations and focus more clear. Great stuff Nat!

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    I like the idea of separate sites myself, strong work!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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    I agree with everyone else I like the two different sites. Are you going to have your illustration portfolio focus on one type of art...are you going for children's editorial or are you wanting to draw picture books?

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    @natiwata I think they both look great but if you want to see ideas on how to combine them maybe check out @Jake-Parker website.

    He does a lot of different types of work and has everything separated out nicely on his site. So it is clear and concise and shows all his different strengths. It is very easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. I think ideally one location is great if you can make it flow nicely. This way everything leads back to one place.

    It is never an easy thing to decide. Either way, your work is awesome!!

    Here is his site http://mrjakeparker.com/

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    I think that some organization showing you understand the different styles you work in is important. One way to do that is having two separate websites, but another (as Charlie mentioned) is to simply have two separate pages on your website--one clearly labeled as "game concept art" (or whatever) and the other as "children's illustration". That way its all still on your main site, you don't have to pay for another domain, and its easy for people to see the different things you do without having to type in another web address. It also makes it obvious that you understand the difference between those styles, rather than having it all mixed together as if you see no difference.

    Whichever way you want to organize it will work, just make your categories clear either way you do it--whether two entirely different sites, or two clearly labeled pages on the same site.

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    @Charlie-Eve-Ryan @Sarah-LuAnn Thanks, I am familiar with Jake's site and had some of the same thoghts, I think the main difference I felt was that all of his work was illustration of some sort, where I have 3d modeling, animation and art direction to try and show. I also can't help but feel that perhaps the fact that I am in the video game industry might be a turn off to some people in the publishing world. I guess the 2 industries are just very different I like that on the illustration site I could direct people to the simple portfolio without them having to choose a submenu, if that makes sense...A lot to consider...

  • Your work is beautiful! I agree with having separate sites, but I think you've left out some amazing pieces from your current site that would also fit with your newer site - unless, of course, you would prefer not to do that kind of work.

    Your test site also appears very clean and is pared down to a smaller number of pieces. Sometimes I think people cram so much into their websites that it loses punch. Even the very best illustrator's work gets my eyes glazing over when there's simply too much.

    Great work and good luck with your decision!

  • Hi @natiwata, I struggled with the same thought as I was creating my site. Personally I think it best to have all your work in one place, and here's why. You are a very well rounded artist and showcasing your work should reflect all that you do for your potential clients. I've directed people to my site and when they replied they were "Oh you do illustration too? Great, I have this project..."

    I think you can re-organize how you're displaying your work to better reflect which area your clients should proceed to, then they can marvel at the rest too as they keep browsing. Plus, you wont have to get two sets of business cards, domain names, etc.

    Kyle Webster wrote a good article on the "Style Problem for artists" and why showing that is a good thing.

  • I couldn't help myself, I like the simplicity of the new site so I did a quick mock up of what it could look like. Like I mentioned you can organize the work in a different way and slim down on some of your older work to help. Whatever you do don't forget to put up your social media and copy write info.


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    @BradAYoo - thanks for the mention about including copyright - I did not have that on my site and just went and put in into the footer right away!

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