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  • Hi guys,

    I recently signed up to the site and I've been loving going through the tutorials. This is really a great thing!

    I'm writing to ask for a little help with photoshop. Today I was going through the brushes tutorial with Lee White, and I found that when I started to use the brush presets that photoshop was lagging.

    I actually had this issue before, and couldn't figure out why undo wasn't responding as quick as I wanted. I realised that although my brush stroke shows up as I'm drawing, it doesn't show up in the navigator until I tap outside the canvas. Then I can undo.

    youtube recommends playing with the spacing, but I find it doesn't do much for the problem. Less spacing is better, but still lags.

    So you know, I'm using an iMac with a wacom intuos pro, and the drivers are up to date.

    Hope you guys can help me out on this one.
    Thanks- Jason

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    Hey Jason, the first thing I would do is check your resolution to see if it's a RAM problem. Set up a 8.5x11 72 ppi file and see if you get the same lag as a 300 ppi file. If it runs smooth (or quicker), it means that you just don't have enough power to support the custom brushes. If you do get the same lag, then I'm not sure what it is. Check and see if it does it on other basic photoshop brushes too.

    The custom brushes really do eat up a lot of memory and processing power. I build a "stamp" style watercolor brush that I actually had to delete because it would just jam up photoshop every time I used it.

    Let me know what you find out. : )


  • Hi Lee,

    Thanks for the advice!
    So, a couple of discoveries...

    I did try a different sized document and different brushes. The problem is still there. It turns out tat if I use the mouse there is no issue what so ever. So i think the problem is with my tablet. I will look into my tablet settings to see if I can find something.

    One other quick question.
    I noticed while changing my document size, that a 8.5x11 document is at 2550x3300 pixels. Is that ok? And is there a way to adjust the pixels independently? I know that Will Terry has said that to get a good quality 8x10 the pixels need to be between 3000-4000

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