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  • arrival.jpg
    looking for some thought s on layout and design here with this pic. the prompt is "arrival." The "head" is just a person I was trying to illustrate so I popped it on there...

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    I would watch his left hand. I would almost have it grabbing the tower then right on top of it. Also with his right foot, looks stiff. Maybe bend the toes to show there is some pressure weighing down.

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    Good start russ! This is gonna be a cool image!

    I think your composition and story telling could use some improvement though. If you look at the composition layout I did below, you will see your guy is right in the dead center. This takes away some of the impact a scene like this can have. Also, the main gesture of the robot is pretty straight up and down so it's fairly static.

    I did a quick layout sketch to see what it might look like coming from the side and smashing into some mountains as it came into town. I would recommend doing many of these layout sketches until you get one that really nails it. Change the composition, size relationships, gestures, etc. They are pretty quick and fun to do. Most students go to a "finished composition" way too quick and then it seems like work to do another. Try being really loose and doing 20-30 of these right in the beginning stages. You will solve a lot of the main problems for an image this way. : )

    Good luck. Can't wait to see where you take it!



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