April Third Thursday- work in progress

  • Hi folks.
    I am looking to get better in my illustrating. I have edited this to include more ideas. Let me know which one you prefer. Thanks for your feed back.
    Thank you for looking at my work.



  • SVS OG

    Hey, you already did try it...lol...awesome. Something is drawing me to your very last thumbnail with the cow...I'm not 100 % sure what's going on but to my eyes there is a cow and a cool looking robot with a pitchfork (I don't know if that's right) but that always seems cool to me. I like the contrast in that image it gives it some depth. I'd work on making the concept clearer on that one. The top one it seems to me she's causing the problem instead of solving it...it may work but you'll have to figure out how to make it read better. Right now it just seems like she's a mean little kid attacking a guy with her swiss army robot......(again cool) Any way that's my 3 cents....

  • @evilrobot thanks so much for your input. It means alot to have someone give you feed back on your work.

    On the Swiss army knife robot. Yes I thought it gave that impression too. I'm finding I have a dark sense of humor where some one is going to be miss-understood.

    I developed the one with the cow a-bit further. I hope this gives a clearer reputation of what I am going for.


  • Really like your drawing style!
    The prompt does mention that Lucy reaches into her toolbox.
    It might be fun to incorporate that into the cow sketch.

  • milking-cow-round-2.jpg

    Above are some sketching I did with the milking the cow idea. I'd love your guys thoughts. Thanks again.

  • SVS OG

    #3 is my favorite.

  • Definitely agree with evilrobot!
    Number 3 is my pick.

  • SVS OG

    @Bob-Szesnat Great to see all of the options you're working through! I agree that #3 is the most interesting of the options, I would suggest playing more with the composition to make the girl a more prominent part of the piece. As it stands now, the cow's rear end takes up the most screen space, then the robot then the girl, who is pushed off to the side of the page. Maybe setup an overhead and some "cameras" and see if there's angle that will give a more dynamic view of what's going on?

  • @natiwata Thanks for the suggestion. I will continue playing with composition. I do like the dynamic angle number 3 creates. I do agree the cow butt has too much stage presence. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • I just want to say, thanks to all the feed back you guys have given me. You really are helping me to pace out my creative process and making me think about how to convey an idea in an entertaining and clear manner.


    I took the conveyor belt idea and did some comp studies. The third one was from the last batch though I made the cow smaller and Lucy bigger.
    Let me know what one you think is working the best.
    Thanks again.

  • SVS OG

    I think #1 is framed well and the one from the last batch is still the most interesting. I'm just wondering if you are hitting the prompt....it says Lucy reaches into her magic tool box and pulls out the perfect tool for the job. Not getting, the magic tool box, or the tool....now maybe you could work it out and show Lucy working on the conveyor belt? Or maybe that's what she's doing and I'm just not picking it up in the thumbnail.

  • @evilrobot Thanks for bring that up. I was unsure too, if the conveyor belt is a tool or not, as it is described in the text?
    In the first one she is holding the box and the belt with the bottles are flying out. Maybe if she was reaching in and yanking it out. Unsure if that would be confusing or not?
    Thanks for your input.