March 3rd Thursday (all entries)

  • still need to uplad a few. Have to downsize them to fit here..
    Dale Vande Griend.jpg JasonKellogg.jpg RandySmith.jpg heribertoahernandez.jpg tamishaFMitchell_WhaleDay.jpg DamienRambacher.jpg Naters.jpg MichaelPaul.jpg CaliWard_March3Th.jpg ChristinaBrown.jpg AnnGagliano.jpg russVandine.jpg Bob-Szesnat-what-i-brought=to-show-n-tell.jpg BrittanyHarris.jpg CamilaBarreraDaza.jpg JoshSchouwstra.jpg dulcie-mascord.jpg NatIwata.jpg magTakac.jpg Cheryl-Carlstrom.jpg Jay_Diloy.jpg KatrinaFowler_3rdThurs_March2016_sm.jpg CherylPilgrim.jpg carriecronan.jpg CamAnh.jpg MistyMckeithenMarThirdThursdayShowandTell.jpg BeverlyHoltzem.jpg LynnLarson.jpg 345645.jpg MarshaOwen.jpg kelvinburnett.jpg Chip Valecek.jpg William Palacio.jpg KatherineHerriman.jpeg CherylEklund.jpeg unnamed.jpg joanna nagubadi_3rd thursday.jpeg Kevin Longueil.jpg Julienewcomb.jpg Show & Tell NoemieGionetLandry.jpg Emma Denson_woodmouseandbobbit.jpgJohnMTatulli.jpg FlorentinVoda.jpg Karien Naude.jpg LindsayCarr.jpg angelaChawkins.jpg mariaSiderova.jpg Show and Tell Horror_Kris Knight.jpg Kevin Longueil .jpg BradAYoo - Haven's Show and Tell.jpg julieMillard.jpg kimrosenlof.jpg thraceMears.jpg Emma Denson_woodmouseandbobbit.jpg

  • I wish these had names on them, Their were a lot of good entries and people I'd like to follow.

  • Oh I wish I made it to the honorable mention 😃 I will continue enter the next contest. Yay!

  • So sad I missed the critique. I look forward to watching the video.

  • I missed most of the critique too - I didn't realise that EST changed last week, but in the UK we don't start summertime until later this month. So I should have got up at 3am instead of the usual 4am. Bummer! Never mind...will wait for the video.

  • Wonderful! Great to see all of them together! Looking forward to seeing the critique video on youtube.

    @Lee-White - Are these ALL the entries? or just honorable mention? Mine is missing if it is supposed to be ALL, and I did get a reply from Aaron, that it had been received.

  • Nancy, this is almost all of them. Some were too big for the uploader here in the forum, so I need to scale them down to fit. Yours is probably in that group. I'm hoping to get to that in a few minutes. : )

  • Updated all of them. So that should be the entire unedited list of submissions. If anyone doesn't see theirs, feel free to add it to this thread. : )

    Great job everyone!!

  • @Lee-White said:

    Updated all of them. So that should be the entire unedited list of submissions. If anyone doesn't see theirs, feel free to add it to this thread. : )

    uhhhh...still don't see insecurities are going full steam ahead! (EDIT: I do notice at least 2 entries that are shown twice however).

    Is there a size and "weight" that is recommended? This is what I submitted. It was/is 1600x1000 917kb NancyGormezanoMarch2016.jpg

  • @Nancy-Gormezano I did see yours when they scrolled through all the entries on the critique video, if it helps calm your insecurities 🙂

    They say on the 3rd Thurs page that images must be no longer than 2000 pixels in the long dimension, so I'd assume that 1600x1000 would be fine because it's smaller than that.