The Day Ice Cream Saved the World

  • Finished this up tonight Ice-cream-saved-the-world.jpg

  • @evilrobot Cool image--did you do this traditionally or digitally?

    I'm only wondering because I might have a few suggestions but if this is water color than I don't believe there is really any way to do the tweaks.

  • No, it's digital. So tweak away;) The ray of light coming down through the trees I know for sure isn't working so I know I need to fix the background. This is a new style I'm trying to work out so I haven't worked out how to tackle certain problems and keep the look I'm going for yet.

  • another great image! You are on a roll! : )

    One thing to note. After seeing a few of your images, I notice most of your eye shapes are completely round leaving everyone with a sort of surprised look. You can really add to your images by utilizing the brow/eye shape combo. Here are some examples.


  • @Lee-White Thank you so much for all the great advice on both of my pieces. Also the tip on color management really helped. Definitely going to do some reworking on these. Especially the advice on the wizard piece I was focused so much on making the drawing right I missed the concept.