Wizard Training

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    Finished this tonight. Trying to figure out a digital water color style. Used some of what I learned in Lee White's brushes class.Wizard-Training.jpg

  • @evilrobot Nice work! I love the texture!

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    Looks kind of like Acrylic to me rather than Watercolor, but that isn't a bad thing since I think it looks pretty cool! I like how the background has texture and some color variation rather than just being flat.

  • Nice one!! The texture works really well! I also like the storytelling element in the illustration.

    I have seen that some artists use outlines in a color and value closer to the local colors.
    For example, the flame of the light and the candle could have brighter brown/red outlines so that it looks even more luminous!
    Maybe that could be something?

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    Really nice, love the lighting!

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    Very nice image here! Good color and really great texture.

    I do have one suggestion which is content based. When I think about the term "wizard training" I think of all sorts of cool stuff that would be involved in that. In my opinion, that is what made harry potter so popular. Who wouldn't want to go to hogwarts to learn about all that stuff. They made it fun! So when I see this image, it looks plausible, but it doesn't look fun. It looks like he's doing homework with an old dude watching his every move. Which is stressful!

    So I would suggest making something that really invites the viewer into the world of what "wizard training" might be like. Have some fun with it. Think about the personality of both characters andn what they would be doing in the scene based on that. A nervous young wizard and an older experienced wizard who has seen it all. Very different reactions between the two.

    Here's a quick paint. Use as much of it as you want. Think about dragons and runes and potions and all sorts of stuff. Make me want to become a wizard in training! : )


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