Oregon SCBWI?

  • I wanted to reach out any see if anyone here is going to be attending the Oregon SCBWI spring conference in May. This is my first time attending and I'd love to know someone before I get there! If not I guess this is just one of those growth times, that I can totally handle. lol. Thanks!

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    Hey! While I love recommending our local chapter (and do think you should go), the Seattle conference is AWESOME. Typically much better than the oregon one. Not sure why that is. Try to hit both, but if you can only do one, go to Seattle. : )

  • @bharris @Lee-White I'm attending the Spring SCBWI in Oregon and the latest info I received is that Western Washington and Oregon are switching every other year. (Please double check.)

    Bharris - I'd love to attend with you and anyone else who is going. I signed up for:

    • Portfolio Consultation with Kate Berube

    • Juried portfolio show

    • Working up a 'Wordless Dummy' for Martha Rago's Homework. (Basically creating a whole book layout and 2-3 illustrations before May 12th)

    • AND first 5 pages (5 illustrations) shown on the big screen on Sunday.

    Let me know.

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    Oh cool! I hadn't heard that. I hope that is true! : )

  • @Lee-White I'll look into that next time for sure!

    @Katrina-Fowler Sweet! I didn't sign up for anything special this time... But I plan to next time!

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