Hoping for Advice

  • Hello - hope i'm not being too annoying with constant posts - just looking for advice - i feel like this is going o.k. but i also feel like i cannot see it objectively any more - any advice or possibly pointing out the obvious things that are escaping me would be very helpful if you have the time - (i still have to work out the school and the environment) - thank you 🙂Working final comp.jpg

  • I think it's really cool. I like how you painted it to where you can see the effects of the atmosphere on the the big guy. I think it needs more story behind it. I would almost want to pull in closer to the image and maybe see the little girl sitting on the monster's head waving to her school mates. You could have all the kids looking out the windows in shock and have the teacher looking out the door (maybe even looking down like she's afraid of heights. I think it's a really cool image but maybe it's not telling as much of the story as you'd like it to. (Saw your other post just now looks like someone gave similar advice.)

  • @evilrobot Thanks Evilrobot - I think you are right - the story could be stronger - for me though this has become just about finishing a painting - this is only my second go at color and I feel a bit lost - but I've spent a lot of time reading about painting - watching videos about painting - ..... but no painting .... so I decided to stop fiddling with my drawings and story making ideas and just try to paint something even if it does not nail the prompt - so really I'm just not sure if my color choices are working, if it is too chalky, if the focal point is not where I want it - things like that .....should the ground be more saturated.... I believe I am using a split complimentary palette... is that why the red schoolhouse looked so wrong with the orange and purple monster and green grass? - these are some of the doubts and questions I have - anyways thanks again for taking the time - I really appreciate it 🙂

  • Hi Kevin, I don't find any issue with your painting here I think you did a great job. I love how other half of his body is softly blending with the background. Therefore, I have no suggestion on the painting part. However, I think this piece can be improved with a bit of detail for storytelling. For example, I would add a school bus, trees, couple more clouds and little tiny houses/buildings fading in the background. Good luck Sir, I really like this piece.

  • @Kevin-Longueil

    Hi Kevin!
    I love your painting style 🙂 The illustration is good but I think you need to keep trying to find the way to tell the story. All of us here already know the theme of this month contest, which is:
    "Haven brought it to "Show and Tell"... even though she never got permission."
    So I think we will understand what you are trying to say, but with a total stranger ( for example my mom, who is standing next to me right now) will wonder what is going on in this picture. @evilrobot gave you some great ideas, it shows how other characters think about this huge creature. May be the school should be a little bit bigger so it's easier for you to draw some students looking out the door and window. Or you can add some students walking to school, show how they react. And trees in the background is bended because the creature is stepping on them....All to help telling this thing Haven brought to school is very unusual.

    I hope you find that helps 🙂 Your illustration is getting better!

  • @Kevin-Longueil I think you have done a wonderful job with the creature! I love his face it has a lot of emotion in it. I think you have gotten some really great advice and I can't wait to see it finished!! Best of luck my friend!!!

  • Hi Kevin!! Love this so far!! I think the creature is amazing! The only thing i don't care for is the pink leash...it just blends in too well to me, even though you have good shadow behind it. i love the way it feeds into the school house. I think you are on the right track for sure! oh, and the texture of the image ROCKS!

  • I really like this piece. Your painting style is really nice. You made it look like pastels. I am struggling with painting and it is nice to see that someone else has been able to push themselves to this quality of work.

  • @Naroth-Kean Thank you for the feedback Naroth that is very helpful to hear from you that you don't see issues with the painting part - I will work on the environment for sure....it is a bit sterile right now 🙂 - Thanks again Naroth!
    @CamAnh-Ng Thank you for your feed back - very much appreciated! - I agree that there needs to be more there to nail the prompt - I seem to make images where the story is a bit of a mystery - I think I try to make it an intriguing mystery though - but I'm finding that in this piece it is not strong enough and has ended up falling bit short - I will add more visual queues to help tell the story for sure - thank you again for taking the time to write 🙂
    @Thrace Thank so much Thrace! - I look forward to seeing your piece too!

  • @Lynn-Larson Thank you Lynn! Really nice of you to say! I have to agree about the leash.... it has been bothering me too - I will work on that - I am thinking that the left arm is actually in the wrong place - that it is too low and too far back for where his shoulder should be on the other side - if I move the arm it will be farther away in space too so I could put a bit of atmosphere between the leash and the forearm - this might help a little but I think the color might nee to change too - thank you for answering my call for help - really appreciate it!
    @Stacilyn Thank you for the feedback Stacilyn! - I am using Procreate with the Apple pencil and using the Bonobo Chalk for 99.9% of this and the Nikko Rull for the few hard edges I have - I think the texture and transparency of the chalk really lets you carefully build things up - I also have been using it as the eraser too - really appreciate your kind words!

  • @Kevin-Longueil You are right, the upper arm looks a wee bit out of place, and not quite thick enough to match the arm in the foreground. You could thicken it a bit which may solve both problems. I think if you pulled some of the blue or green from the landscape for the leash it would work well, keeping it in the palette 🙂