Working on a portfolio piece, comments welcomed.

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    Thanks for any feedback

  • I think this flows really well. I like that I'm looking down on the horse, but up at the pig. Your composition seems very strong to me. At first, I thought that what is in the wagon was a tree; upon reconsidering I'm thinking they are sunflowers? I'm sure with color this would be more clear. Also, I have horses and so when I see one there are little things that stand out to me. With his ears down, he looks more like a donkey, is this what you want? I would add in his tail, too. I think you would see part of it hanging, or swooshing, behind his back right leg and even a bit of a bump on his rump. Love the detail of the straw in the pigs mouth and his hat and belt...nicely personified. I like this drawing! I'm a little biased as I love all farm things 🙂

  • I really like this drawing! The composition sits nicely to me and I like the annoyed characters, plus doing this in color seems really fun. I just had a little problem with the wagon. It felt a little off to me and I hope you don't mind I drew on it. I like the idea of bringing it down just a tad, but if you want to keep the extreme angle the back of the wagon goes too wide. Hope that helps 🙂


  • @bharrris I don't mind at all. I guess I'm thinking too much about the weight. But the shifts looks great. Now to finalize and color.. I get terrified of this stage since is very difficult for me.
    @Carrie thanks for the vote of confidence. I was going for a donkey I knew that adding more detail will help the viewer, thanks for the tips.

  • @sam-marrero

    Pretty nice. The position of the wagon makes me feel that the animal (horse?) is not applying enough force. I think his gesture must be more expressive.

  • The composition sounds great! 🙂 I felt very immersed in your illustration. Maybe you could use transform tool to make the horse´s back leg a little smaller, So we can see more the perspective in it.
    Also, I think @sergio is right about the effort the horse´s putting on it.
    It´s getting pretty good. Keep going!!

  • SVS OG

    I really like this composition, and your characters are really fun. I think this is a really fun piece in the making! The horse/donkey's back leg seemed a little off to me though, so I sketched in what seems to me a bit better. Its a hard angle and I'm no expert, so feel free to take this or leave it. 🙂


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