Updated John Singer Sargent Master Copy attempt

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    I adjusted the angle on the eye a bit and added some more details to the neckline plus added more yellow tones. At this point since I basically painted a different guy in the style of John Singer Sargent, now if I adjust the features too much it is all thrown off balance. So I'm not sure how to fix it without starting from scratch. I've never done one of these to this extent so I think this was a pretty good run through and I learned a lot for next time and painting all on one layer etc was a good challenge. Thanks all and thanks @lee-white for the advice.



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    really great! so happy you did this assignment.

    If you wanted to mess around with it some more, this is where I would recommend two layers on top of your base layer. The first is a "glazing" layer and should be set to multiply (so it's transparent). This layer is for DARKENING and altering color.

    The other layer (if needed) is an regular layer and should be done with the opacity control setting on. This layer is used for slightly lightening areas that need it (your image does not need this step).

    Both these techniques are used in traditional painting and that is why I encourage it digitally as well.1456674124021-mastercopyclaudemonetbyjohnsingersargent34sm.jpg

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    @Lee-White Ohhh, that's nice! I'll try it out..thank you!!

  • You did a great job! This is not an easy thing to do.

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    Nice, thank you for sharing!

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    @Lee-White I adjusted the nose a bit and added glazing on mostly the face, neck and lower half of the image, but I wonder if I should have done a fill over the whole image? Either way I think it looks much warmer than before and the nose adjustment helps.



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    I think it looks great! : )

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    @Lee-White Thanks Lee!! It was a sweet kind of creative torture working on this painting and very eye-opening. 😃

  • Wow! Great job!

    I started mine this weekend, it takes a lot longer than I expected, but I am sure it's worth it!

  • Great. you're a painter

  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan Wow! You are doing an awesome job. Your last post is so improved as compared with your first post.

  • I've done a couple of these as well! So much fun and you learn a lot. Great progress on these.

    If I were to critique at all it would be to build brushes that have more of a bristle look so you can get the chunky impasto that he gets with his brush work. I have a few I've built that I can share.

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    @linna Thanks Linna and @NoWayMe...thanks, can't wait to see it!

    @Rob-Smith thanks so much!

    @thirdeyeh Thanks, that would be awesome. I created three custome brushes but none had that chunky impasto look. Great suggestion!

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    @Charlie-Eve-Ryan Well done you on completing this - great job! I agree with @thirdeyeh that if you were trying to improve on this, I would have a real go at trying to mimic the oil brush strokes and the way the colours smoosh into one another...if I look closely at your piece, I can see a distinctive little grain that repeats a lot. This is nitpicky though (has to be, at this level!) and it's very inspiring - so much so, I've started a master copy of one of my favourite illustrators too 🙂

    By the way.. I know you can make your own brushes, but in case you feel like treating yourself, Kyle brought out an impasto brush set a couple of months or so ago...haven't got them but they look good. https://www.kylebrush.com/#brushes ...I've tried a couple of the oil ones from the Megapack which were nice too. But yeah of course you could save the cash and make your own unique bristle type brush. Or experiment with blenders/smudging and so on (something I'd like to try more of too..) Anyway it's been great to see your process here 🙂

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