The Creative Environment Design Workbook

  • I'm working through the creative environment design workbook, here are the silhouette pages 🙂

    Exercise Workbook 01.jpg
    Exercise Workbook 01b.jpg
    Exercise Workbook 02.jpg
    Exercise Workbook 03.jpg

  • The next couple of pages. 😉

    Exercise Workbook 04.jpg
    Exercise Workbook 05a.jpg
    Exercise Workbook 05b - Copy.jpg

  • A few more pages:

    Exercise Workbook 02_Page6a_.jpg
    Exercise Workbook 02_Page_6b.jpg
    Exercise Workbook 02_Page_6c.jpg
    Exercise Workbook 02_Page_7.jpg

  • Great Work on this stuff!

  • @NickA Really nice work!!

  • @NickA I really like seeing your work book pages and the progress you are making on them. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the great work!

  • Strong work! keep sharing!

  • Thank you for the encouragement Chip, Charlie, Rich and Lisa. Its very encouraging. 🙂

    One rough color pass at the master study:

    Exercise Workbook 02_Page_8.jpg

    Still needs a lot of work. I don't really know how to paint in the grass (yet), I'd have to experiment with digital brushes to get something like that cloudy dry brush effect. Some of the drawing needs reworking (especially the buildings) and of course there is a lot of painting refinement to do.

    The Original by Yann Le Gall:

    tumblr_myu79krLp51rb1rgoo7_1280 catsuka.jpg

    I'm tempted to stop here with this exercise and move on. I can see some benefits in getting it more-exact, but it's taking a ton of time and effort to get something that already exists (a little demoralizing).

  • Wow you really inspire me, this is what I need to do, work through the exercises. I'm always rushing ahead to the next video.

  • Wow! Great work! I just added this video series to my to-do list, it seems great!

  • Wow! I am slapping myself for not spending more time on the exercises Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Three Wows! Wow, what a nice surprise. Thank you Janet, Noemi and Lisa. 🙂

    I've had a go at the next one, which is a final creative design. I started with a few thumbs based on one of the silhouettes from earlier:

    final design thumbs.jpg

    I went with the first one I liked (a bit foolish). I ended up adjusting it a bit at full size and eventually got to this:

    final design flipped.jpg

    Originally it was going to be a snail-house, but it changed mid-way into a watermelon-house.

    There is quite a lot of influence from the previous images I studied in the course and also this one (from Jake Parker's Fantasy Design Pintrest board, I'm not sure where its from originally):


    The building in my drawing is already in a fairly objective viewpoint, but I'll try some other objective angles for the final exercise. 🙂

  • 🙂 very wow worthy! I absolutely love your watermelon house! What a great idea!

  • Thanks Janet. 🙂 The silhouette method is great, as it may hint at ideas that would not think of otherwise.

    Last page. 🙂

    last exercise.jpg

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