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  • I'm wondering what kind of payment I'll go for. Are ALL the classes available if I pay the annual subscription? I'll be taking the recorded classes - I live on the other side of the earth and the time-difference would be hard to attend live classes. Or is there a possibility just to pay for a few classes? I'm sorry if these questions are silly or have been answered, I would just like til make sure before I commit to a subscription 🙂

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    Hey Camomilla! It's not a silly question, it's one that you should take seriously. I would highly recommend the subscription model. I posted earlier today about this, but we have SO MANY videos coming out and we have so many that are already on the site. It's a much better value (in my opinion) to have access to all the information rather than class by class.

    We are always here to answer questions, so let me know if you need anything else. : )

  • Thank you @Lee-White - yes, it does seem to be the best option 🙂 Do I need wifi to watch the recorded classes, or can they be downloaded to my device?

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    I don't think you can download the videos with a subscription, so you will need wifi. The reason for that is we wanted to prevent someone from signing up for a month and downloading all the videos and then canceling the subscription.

  • Ah, I see, that makes sence 🙂

  • I've signed up for a yearly subscription 😃 I'm almost always connected online, so having downloadable courses is not that crucial. I still have the option to buy courses I'd like to download, right? So if I'm going on vacation, or have a long train-ride ahead of me, this is still possible at an extra cost?

    So looking forward to these classes!

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    Good choice!

  • SUB is the best!! you can binge watch. or stay ..

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    @Camomilla Yes once subscribed you can still buy the courses - once logged in, if you view a class you can still see the option to buy it if you want to do that. Good choice to subscribe - such amazing value IMO! Hope you enjoy 🙂

  • Hi, are the courses hosted locally onsite or using youtube or vimeo?because I can't access video streaming sites from my connection(blocked isp) I like the subscription model but I don't have wifi in my studio space so not sure whats the best option. is there a sample course I can check out to see if its something I'm interested in?

  • The videos are hosted on this website using vimeo. 🙂 I have vimeo blocked on my laptop, but the videos still come through for me. But, I think the best option for you would be to purchase the classes and download them. With the subscription model, you can only view the videos through your wifi on this site. You can only download them if you buy them, and since your studio doesn't have wifi, I suggest going somewhere with free wifi, downloading the classes and then going to your studio and watching them. I believe you can get the digital drawing class by will terry (it has a picture of a dragon as the thumbnail) fully downloadable by watching one of his videos about it ( I'm not sure which one, sorry 😞 ) and emailing to the email address he mentions. Hope this helps! :)))

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