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    Hey guys, I thought I'd post a quick topic on getting better. The prompt for this was that one of my former students tagged me in a post on facebook that linked to a master copy he just did (shown below). I was so impressed and proud of both how the painting turned out and also the fact that he did this assignment on his own with no prodding. He just wants to get as good as possible and he's doing all the little things that really make that happen quick.

    So if you haven't done a master copy in a while (or ever!) you need to make it a regular part of your practice. The rules are simple. No color picking, grids, or tracing allowed. Just start with the same size canvas and start from scratch. You may be tempted to color pick from the original, but believe me when I say that is a shortcut that doesn't add to your skill set. (BTW- I always say use other people's palette for your illustrations, and it's totally ok there, but not for this exercise).

    Take a look at this beauty. The student-turned-professional is Nic SIlva. He's gotten pretty dang good:


  • Wow, very inspiring, thanks @Lee-White!
    This is something I have wanted to start doing for I while, I did some value studies, but never a whole rendered painting. I will have to try it!

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    That's awesome! I'm trying to do this too, though not as successfully as this guy. Really nice work.

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    Amazing! So inspiring I started one tonight-

  • Very cool. I'll add this to my list of types of studies I need to be doing!

  • This is such a great prompt, but always so intimidating to me. I get frustrated so easily when I've been at it for hours and everything looks wonky and the color is off. Do you have a suggested amount of time we should spend on these? I've also done some master value studies that have been enormously helpful and not quite as frustrating, but still intimidating to try and get close to a master.

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