Awesome oil painting video coming soon

  • Hey everyone, have you ever had that feeling when you see someone's work and it is just so good and amazing that you can't believe it? Well, boy do we have something coming that fits right in that category. Britt Snyder is one of the best oil painters on the planet and he's doing a video for us. It should be ready soon. He paints in a smushy, moody way that I'm really looking forward to seeing.

    Britt Synder is the 2016 Grand Prize Winner of Artist Magaine's all media competition. He has been featured in spectrum, High Fructose, ImagineFX. He also won the Rising Star award from James Gurney's blog Muddy Colors.

    Check him out:

    7295102_orig.jpg 8556619_orig.jpg 4858186_orig.jpg

  • wow he's amazing!
    I love oil paints and from what I see on his site, I think seeing him work will just blow my mind

  • Wow, that is incredible!! Absolutely gorgeous!! You guys must be working overtime reeling in such amazing talent!!

  • Wow, I LOVE it that you're expanding into some traditional mediums - thank you!!

  • Wow amazing, so excited my favorite medium!