Conceptual/Editorial Illustration video coming soon!

  • Hey guys, I'm very excited to let you guys in on a new video we have coming soon. The incredibly talented James Yang is finishing up a video showing his process when making an editorial illustration. James works for advertising and editorial clients such as:

    The New York Times,
    Boston Globe,
    Chase Manhattan Bank,
    Sports Illustrated,
    The Wall Street Journal

    He's an awesome illustrator and much different than most of the videos and artists we have on the site. He is more design based (which I really like). So if you are struggling with rendering, or perspective, this approach might be refreshing. As a matter of fact, you don't have to render or use perspective ever again if you don't want to! (WHAT!!!) His concepts are so clear and easy to read and his palette is beautiful. I can't wait! : )

    Here's his site:
    winter-is-coming2.jpg huge.86.432743.JPG criticism.jpg

  • Gotta say...SVS just keeps getting better and better!

  • Wow...I said last week that SVS was really spoiling us with so much already and more to come...even more so now! No rendering or perspective sounds great! 😉

  • Awesome, love picking up design tips!

  • I'm really looking forward to all the new videos coming up (the ones listed on the calendar and this one)! SVS is seriously the very best site I've found (and I've tried many) - thank you!

  • Getting closer! Should be releasing this very soon! : )12768161_10153639173728096_7805754279654321853_o.jpg

  • I love his style! Can't wait for the video.