Observation - snowy night

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    It had snowed all day long yesterday, it was that really light fluffy kind of snow - large flakes that glitter in the light.

    As I had recently mentioned in one of my other posts or comments - I have found myself paying far more attention to the details in the world around me. Looking for texture, color, how light reacts and so on.

    I took some photos of the snow - for a few reasons.

    1. I really wanted to be able to better understand how to create a snow like texture in the future. And certainly the kind that will allow me to add some sparkle and shine if I can like you see in this photo I took.

    2016-02-14 19.22.12.jpg

    Next this shadow cast by the tree under a streetlight out in front of my house is absolutely magnificent on its own.

    2016-02-14 19.39.54.jpg

    But also upon closer look and using the Adobe Capture app on my phone to pick colors - it is really amazing to dive in deeper and pay attention to the color of the snow near the light source of the street light which is very warm and near the light source of my house light which is LED and very cool.

    A casual glance would never have lead me to think of all of these colors as snow when I would have attempted to create an illustration, even if in a similar scene.

    2016-02-15 13.41.22.png

    Have any of your started paying more attention to these sort of things since you began taking the courses here? Perhaps some of you were already aware of this from other life learning you have done in the past and it is already second nature. But feel free to share some images here that you have observed or inspire you! Would love to see more of this sort of thing and what everyone else is picking up on!

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    I was shocked by the SVS video how dark the color picker came out for snow, thank you for sharing your studies

  • This is great! I think I've been an observer for a long time, but even more so now because of SVS. When I'm out walking my dogs or driving I always take note of how certain things look, especially light. I'll go download that app.

    PS - I usually love snow but yesterday my car slid into an intersection coming home from Naperville because the roads hadn't been touched yet. And there's a red light camera there so YAY!

  • SVS OG

    @lmrush yes it is really amazing how the colors/values really work on snow. Our mind wants it all to be white but really that is not the case. Its so interesting!

  • SVS OG

    @gimmehummus oh no - those red light camera's are the worst. I hope that after they review they will be able to tell it was not really you trying to run the light. Fingers crossed!

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