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  • So I've been fiddling with making my own brushes, but time after time keep running into the same problem: Tiling. When I need to lay down a lot of color (think sky, water. etc.), those annoying little patters in my texture repeat themselves very visibly.

    I've used the offset filter/patch tool to no end, but still can't seem to fix the problem. Are my scanned images too small? The most recent was about 1k by 1k pixels. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I have used the offset filter (great feature!) to make repeatable backgrounds though not to make brushes I don't know how exactly similar the process is but I did have to make sure that when it repeated it wasn't obviously a repeat & patch out the obvious bits... I don't know the exact pixel count but I'm pretty sure the original bits to make them would have been more than 1x1k pixels. Perhaps you could make your original brush sample bigger, eg by creating another layer of your original texture, and then flipping/altering/combining with other bits to make it bigger and the little quirky features in it less obviously repeating? I don't know if that's helpful but good luck fixing your brushes ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @Jordan-Peterson Did you watch @lee-white's video on making custom brushes. If not you may want to check it out, maybe he addresses that issue there. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I am not sure if he does but it could be a good jumping off point. I would love to know too!

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    @Charlie-Eve-Ryan That is a really excellent point! ...I've got about 15 mins left to watch on it.. thinking about it again, there is a part where he alters the X axis and Y axis jitter in the settings (only watched it once so it's not all in my brain yet) ...but there are definitely features to flip the original texture image both ways, spin it, splatter it outwards and so on, so that the original texture is changed enough that it looks really natural. I second Charlie's advice, do watch that class if you can!

  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan I did watch those videos, but it was a while ago. To be honest, re-watching it is my last resort as the whole thing is 2.5 hours and it isn't broken up into segments. Kind of a needle in a haystack haha.

  • @Dulcie Good ideas! I'm thinking I may just keep buying other people's brushes in the future. I'm in over my head haha

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    The way to test how patterns work with brushes is to save the pattern at different sizes. You will see that it definitely changes when and how the pattern repeat will show up. In general, I try to save patterns at least as big as the biggest image I will use it on. That just means save a pattern REALLY big and you will run into less problems.

    If you only have a pattern at a smaller size, copy and paste it into a big document and fix the visible seams, then save that as the pattern.

  • @Lee-White Thanks man. Ramping the scale up in the texture tab helped too, it just threw off the look I was going for.

  • Can you go through the process of what you call making a custom brush... cause it sounds more like you are making a pattern brush, which will ALWAYS tile, just the nature of that widget in photoshop. While a custom brush can be designed to jump around and give a more natural look when laid out...

    I need to know the exact process you use before I can focus my help for you, but I think I can help if you tell me your process. I resist at giving you both options cause one might confuse you over the other, so as soon as you show or explain it, I will try to help.

    You can also show someone else's video of the process you use, if that makes it easier, just link that.

  • @Jordan-Peterson

    ยฟCan you share the base tile and the brush setting?

  • Of course! I'll send it later tonight

  • @Bobby-Aquitania I just want to state up front that I have resolved the issue I was having. But to answer your questions, I was making a pattern (or texture) brush. I had loaded an image into Photoshop, and was playing around with the various brush settings to get it the way I want it. The ultimate fix for me was changing the blend mode from Height to Multiply, and then increasing the scale of the texture. I liked how gritty the texture was at a small scale, but it ended up tiling really bad. Now after having tweaked those two fields, it looks much better, and I don't see that repeating pattern.

  • ah okay, well that clears up what you meant... well great glad you got that fixed.

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