Youtube animated clip, feedback appreciated

  • Hey Guys, I recently made a youtube clip in dutch. You guys probably can't understand it but it would mean the world if you watched and gave me feedback on the visual end of it!

    Youtube link

  • @emergingeden I really like your video. I think the visuals are fun. I love the hand-lettering. I wish I spoke dutch so I could understand it 😊. What program or programs did you use to make your video?

  • SVS OG

    I love the style of this video and was able to use the auto-translate closed caption to get a general idea of your presentation. The auto translate wasn't always accurate, unless you really did say, "My colossi of everything babies are so already very good to focus on your uncle!" Most of the translations were better than that though and I thought your point was a very good one.

  • It was very good although I think some of the frames could have been slightly shorter.

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