Share your MAY the 4th art.

  • Here is my baby yoda:

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    RE-DOO! A little crop and a little more color but still no blue milk.
    An example of the perils of posting too soon. I showed yesterday's image to my husband after I posted it and he says, "What? What am I looking at?"
    Me: You don't recognize this? It doesn't seem familiar to you?
    Spouse: I see a girl and a bear. I don't see any milk.
    Me: Look CLOSER!
    Spouse: What? I don't get it.
    Me[deep agonizing breath]: Think Star Wars.
    Spouse: is that suppose to be Leia and Wicket? Where's the milk?
    Me [face palm]: They are eating cookies. You know like Leia shares food with Wicket, but they don't have milk. It's a play on "got milk".
    Spouse: I don't see any cookies.
    I rudely told him to put on his readers and sat back in a huff. Then took a second look at my drawing and realized that although tired from a long day at work, my hubby knew what was what. So a few adjustments later I have a finished not perfect may the fourth be with you illustration

  • IMG_20210503_194023_933.jpg
    Screenshot_20210504-094957_Instagram.jpg -708vyh.jpg

    I put a lot out there today😅
    Star Wars is my jam though! I love playing around in that world🙏 The concept art for it is my favourite, I like that more than the films. The ideas.

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    May the fourth be with you!

  • baby yoda.jpg

  • Haha, here's my Leia! Leia_Insta.jpg

  • Hi everyone! Here is my Grogu painting for May the 4th be with you. Hope you guys like it. I used the heavy paint app to block in the colors and finished adding the details in Procreate on the ipad. Thanks for looking. You can see more of my artwork on Instagram: drawingitout.



    #digitalpainting #starwars #heavypaintapp #procreateE1C68D2B-61F6-49CE-94A5-532951CA63A2.jpeg

  • 41C2841B-227C-4AFE-8D33-C75DB1575A64.jpeg

  • Mines just a morning warmup sketch, but I did a little Jawa, I usually don't do fanart type stuff.!Jawa A.jpg

  • Hey guys! Awesome work! Mine was a mash up for Star Wars Day and MerMay. Hope you like 🙂


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