April INN wip

  • Environment stuff in new to me. These are my rough/refined sketches. I can decide which direction to go in. My character is a tiny fairylike creature.
    1 is an old tea set converted by fairies.
    2 is an underground Inn run my rabbits.
    3 is a vegetable inn run my gnomes.
    4 is on the water and frogs are in charge.

    What do you all think?

  • love them all, but 2 and 3 might be my favorites. 2 may offer a nice advantage for dealing with the 3/4 view and no background thing, and it's such a fun idea that if you at all have a preference for that one it might be worth it to go with it

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    Underground could make for an interesting take on the prompt

  • I like 1 best. Like the different shapes and the story seems more clear to me personally.

  • #1 Teapot Inn is adorable! Plus, it feels like it’s from a fairy tail and I can easily imagine guests relaxing, enjoying tea with pastries there!

  • I love 1 and 4! I just have a thing for some beautiful teacups and I think this would make a very beautiful entry and it's super easy to understand and get the concept.
    What I like about number 4 is that It feels like a smal world, like a safe heaven in a water world that could be really important for travelers.

    my issues with number 2 are more on the visual side, than the storytelling aspects. I think 2 doesn't read good in terms of shape design, but im quite sure you would come up with something great if you decide to go for it

    same with number three, there is too much of the same shape, to much from the front. Like its basically just a big oval. And for the idea with the vegetables, I would like to see some more variety also in the design of the windows and doors, like they are carved out auf the pumpkin, maybe round, without glass and only a stick here and there with some curtains for privacy.
    also I'm thinking about the fact that this kind of inn would be very short lived as the vegetables would start to rot, so you would always need new ones quickly, so maybe that should be part of the concept. Like its as inn for worms, where they live in the old ones and eat from the new ones to make them habitabal for the next guest? ^^" I don't know that is probably dificult to visualize. just... some thoughts that came to my mind.

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    @Mandy-Forte I like number 4 the best.

  • Really neat sketches, Mandy! Number 4 intrigues me. But one thing about your veggie inn is that it could be mistaken for a row of houses instead of one single inn. Maybe it's because of all the doors? Or that the veggies look like they're leaning against each other, not one cohesive structure? Just some things to think about.

  • I love number 4! 🙂

  • I really like the underground idea makes me think speak easy

  • Thank you everyone! I think I am going to work through a few more roughs on them. However I did realize that I made all but the underground one have many buildings. Does an Inn only have one building or do you think it can have many? Most of my research has shown one building but I also thought of in the Disney Cars movie has the Cozy Cone. But maybe that is a hotel. I don’t know if it matters, I am just thinking things out. What do you all think?

  • Hi, number one is my favorite, the others are also very interesting. I can’t wait to see how you will paint it. 🙂

  • @Mandy-Forte I would say generally one building for an inn. We have lots of old inns and pubs in England and a lot are old coaching inns where travellers would have stopped for the night so also would have had stables for the horses. If you wanted to have more than one building perhaps you could have one for eating/drinking and one for accommodation?

  • I like the rabbit and the frog ideas as they're easiest to immediately connect to the animals running them (and seeing a rabbit in a maitre D un outfit would be the best thing ever).

    Also, the potential inn/tavern names are just friggin' awesome.

    The Hop and Holster
    The Leg-mad Sous chef
    The Croak and Wart
    Tadpole's Rest

    The Hop and Holster (they both hop!)
    The Flayrah (gotta have some watership down reference in there)
    Carrot and Clover
    The Eagle's Folly
    The Owl's Head (Like, they killed an owl and mounted it's head over the fireplace)
    The Warm Warren

    There's so many optioooooooons!

  • Update: so I decided to go with the teapot idea but make it into a single structure (well sort of). What are your thoughts?

    Pardon the very messy sketches, I did them while sitting in the car waiting for my kids to be done with practice.

    6C7E08A9-EEBD-4339-A85D-116A43C2EA6A.jpeg B1C028B6-E059-4FBD-AEF1-6DBF18F38412.jpeg

  • 28B72EA5-4721-4B82-B4B9-76F351357A75.png
    So this is where I am at so far. I have been working on perspective and it is kicking my butt. Does anyone see anything that looks odd before I move on to finalize it? Thank you for you help.

  • @Mandy-Forte Hi Mandy, It seems to me that the tea pot handle is too small and fragile proportionally to the size of the pot. If you have an actual teapot that you can look at recreating the same point of view you've created here, that would be a big help. Your front windows would also curve and show perspective like your awning as they are on a curved surface also. I love the concept, pretty challenging idea. Looking forward to the final!

  • @Larue thank you. I have been starring at it so much I knew there was something, I just couldn’t figure it out.

  • Hi @Mandy-Forte. I love the teapot idea. I agree with Larue about the windows. The round ones at the top of the main pot might be pointing outward slightly following the curve of the pot if they are the same design as the one above the handle and are not flush the the surface. You may see a bit of the roof bit of them. Also the door at the bottom would be curved like the window on the left of it.

    I sometimes draw lines on round objects (like longitude and latitude lines a globe to help me follow curved surfaces. I like the hearts in the shutters ♥

  • F21E7115-0D49-4AA8-A0CF-DD2EB0ED1AC5.jpeg
    The final.

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