Commission prices?

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    I know there is no right answer and I apologize if this was asked before... But what is an average you would charge for a commissioned piece? Once the piece is complete do you hand over the file for them to print or do you print? I have watched Will's video on this which helped me price out a childrens book in the past, just curious as to what others do as well.

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    No, Do not hand over the file. The first thing to get established is ownership. When I do a commissioned painting (if it's digital), the client gets a print of the image. I retain the rights and can print and sell it as a print to other people. Unless they pay extra and it becomes limited rights. That means that I'll only print it for them, but I still retain the copyright no matter what.

    Pricing a commission is dependent on a few variables. The first is your experience and skill level. The second is the complexity of the piece. I only let complexity determine pricing in a personal commission. If it's a regular illustration job, complexity makes no difference. Usage is what determines those fees.

    If you are just starting out and it's an average commission, I'd think anywhere from $250-$750 would be reasonable. That would include a few sketches, a final approved sketch, and then the painting. Charge more for things like accurate likenesses or custom lighting or scenery. Also charge more if the print is to be reproduced bigger than normal. 11x14 to 16x20 would be a standard size.

    Make sure your inks are archival and the paper is too. Anything printed digitally that isn't archival will begin to fade after about 2 years.

    Hope that helps...

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    @Lee-White thats gold! Thanks for your input.

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    Thank you

  • Thanks for the good advice on that Lee. I'd like to do some commission stuff myself once I'm good enough, so its good to have in the back of the mind.

  • Which of Will Terry's videos did you watch that talked about pricing?

  • @Beatriz-"Bett" maybe this one:

    It's been a while since I watched it but based on the title I think it might be the right one.

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