Last Narnia illustration! Value options...

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    This is a chaotic battle scene, so I'm a bit torn between using contrast to distinguish characters and using it to unify them. The mood should be majestic but also a bit playful because of the talking animals.

    The main characters are Lucy and Aslan, in the center. I've already established in a previous illustration that Susan (in back) is wearing a dark sweater and skirt, and Lucy is wearing a mid-toned green sweater and floral skirt. If it's really not working, though, I have the option of tying Lucy's sweater around her waist to reveal a white blouse underneath, or even putting them in medieval clothing, like in the films. I don't think the text specifies. I did sort of like the idea of everyday WWII era clothes, though.

    How's the gutter? I made another version early on with the whole group on the left hand page, but I really liked how the giant's head was cut off, so I went with this one. If someone wants, though, I can post it.

    Other comments welcome! This is a rough, so there's still time to change up individual elements. But I do want to maintain this profile with white background look.

    Thank you!

    Narnia battle charge options.jpg

  • @LauraA Hi Laura, Awesome illustration, very dynamic! I think if you want to emphasize the chaos of the battle, you can choose to distinguish the different characters with value, like A. Otherwise you can group the values like B, that makes a more balanced illustration and it is easier to create focus on Lucy. Then she will be more the leader of the troop instead of one of the soldiers. If you go for A (or C but I like A better) you can always use colour or pattern to make her stand out more.
    I think the gutter is fine, maybe the point of the arrow will be a bit weird. Good luck!

  • Your work is lovely! The gutter does give me pause, especially with the arrow pointing right into it. I'm new to the this for a picture book adaption? If you could guarantee the publisher would use smyth binding so the pages would lie flat it wouldn't be an issue. If they went with adhesive binding, poor Aslan's ear might get ground off.

    I'm leaning towards B.

  • SVS OG

    @LauraA Hi, Laura! I prefer B. Great job.

    On a side note, about your centaur. He needs to be pulling the bowstring past his face in order to fire the arrow. But aside from that, everything's great.

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    Thanks for your replies! I'll revisit the arrow position.

    @RachelArmington This is personal project, a series of three illustrations for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. So no real binding here, although it's true that I got the dimensions from a paperback, glued copy. So I can imagine that this newly illustrated edition is deluxe! But you're right, that ear could disappear altogether.

    @Nyrryl-Cadiz Well, those Greek centaurs on the vases I looked at were pretty slack, then! I was imagining that he was in the process of lifting the bow. But I do remember something like what you said during my brief experience with archery. And given that the arrow is problematic, I'll look at that again. I also feel like the centaur's arms are a little short.

    Thanks again for your kind words! Onwards and upwards!

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