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  • Beautiful palette and landscape! It leads you right into the illustration.

    As everyone else has said, if you're trying to show a ruined carnival, the roller coaster should stay in, but perhaps make it fade into the background just a bit more? It does draw the eye.

    And as others have said, my eye doesn't know where to focus. The one character's legs stand out because they're such a light color, but her top half blends into the tree, making her difficult to read. And I didn't even see that there was more than one character until it was pointed out in the comments!

    Is the landscape intended to be the focus? Or are the characters? If your characters are helping tell the story of what's going on in this illustration, I would suggest making them stand out more. Perhaps with value, color, lighting, or a mix of all three.

    This is a really beautiful piece! Looking forward to seeing it finished!

  • @Freya-Chakour Hi Freya,
    Yes, I understood perfectly. Thank you.

    To help you further, may I recommend Marco Bucci's videos. He explains values, edges and light very well. Here is the link to a short YouTube video where he briefly explains:

    If you can get hold of Marco's Art of Colour and Light course, it is excellent! I completed it recently and it has helped me immensley.

    Best wishes,


  • SVS OG

    I like where this is going. I love the atmosphere. I would like to see the background edges blurred a bit, to have less focus and then more focus on the edges of the characters and foreground. I feel like the left side of the piece is heavy with interest and and right not so much so, so add in a point of interest to the right side, maybe a magical animal exploring the ruins or their pet. Also check levels like the guys have said above. Really like this piece and hope this is useful!

  • as a bunch of people already mentioned, it lacks focus since everything is sameish in term of value and saturation.
    here a quick overpaint to show in which direction you can push things. desaturated background, bringing the blue from the sky into the shadows in the forgeground. some sharpening/blur and light changes. you already played around with that image a lot so keep pushing it and try to differentiate things more. its digital, you cant break anything as lon as you have a backup :p

    left original - right overpaint - click to see full size
    alt text

  • @CLCanadyArts @HeatherBouteneff @jenithornhill @Thestyledare-Singh @Melissa-Bailey-0 @Judy-Elizabeth-Wilson

    First of all, thank you all so much for your feedback! this is really so helpful and so interesting to read how the piece is received so far and where the problems may lay. it helped me realize that its really difficult to navigate through the piece. also that the lines of the rollercoaster and the slightly tilted carousel make a super strong focal point in a place where nothing happens and its also the middle of the paper as well as the point where the river is going and parting the mountains. also I realized that I kind of divided the composition into a left and a right half.
    I tried out lot of changes, and came up with a new approach. sadly I had to remove the rollercoaster, because even smaller or more faded it leads the eye very strongly, as the only very industrial thing in the piece, to a point where I didn't want the viewers to look.

    so I made the scene a bit smaller, a bit more intimate I hope, and changed the oak into a big willow tree, also I added way more diagonal lines, and tried to fill up the middle of the piece a bit more.

    @miranda-hoover thank you so much for all of your ideas, I loved the one with the lantern, im thinking of creating a second piece in this direction, maybe a night or evening setting with lots of blues, and the rollercoaster, like a mini series with these characters or this world.

    @James-Toogood @Molambo thank you both a ton for your draw overs! I appreciate it very much and found it super helpful to see!

  • A lot of changed later... this is where I am right now with this piece, I hope very much I could improve some of the points that where difficult about the former version and that it read better now.
    Would love to hear what you think.

    small - das karussel Kopie.jpg

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    @Freya-Chakour Oh, this is a nice start. Could be a nice book cover.Really beautiful.

  • in term of readability and composition i think its better than the previous one.

  • @Freya-Chakour great job! The lighting is so lovely especially the willow

  • @CLCanadyArts @HeatherBouteneff thank you so much for your feedback :3 it is greatly appreciated and helped me a lot to hang on to this piece and finish it! I will post the final in a moment (still need to do some test printing and sometimes after seeing the print I go back and change a few things here and there, but for now I am happy with the result)

  • soo that's the final! it was definitely a challenging piece for me, but also I learned a ton. Thank you all again for your feedback!

    Unbenanntesby the lake small_Projekt 58.png

  • @Freya-Chakour This is gorgeous!! The textures and colors are magical.

  • @Freya-Chakour
    So beautiful, and makes me want to know more for sure. It was great to see your process and edits!

  • @Freya-Chakour Amazing work! The colors are just perfect 😃

  • Awesome!

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    It turned out so nice! Is the water nymph picking a bouquet for the elven girl? ❤ I love it.

  • @Freya-Chakour you did such a fantastic job applying the feedback! It looks great ❤

  • @baileyvidler @KayPotter @Jacy13 @SheerArt @carlianne thank you so much for your kind words! I apprechimade your words, feedback and support a lot!

    @CLCanadyArts Thank you so much! Yeah I imagined something like that, I also had this idea that they are living somewhere in a house half underwater, half above the sea level, in a kind of shared apartment situation, that I hope to explore in a future illustration : )

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