Struggling understand my study - please help

  • Hi all, I have been trying studying perspective since I have no experience with drawing. I have a question that I am struggling to understand:


    1 ) The picture above is of a guitar inside a box drawn by someone else that I’m studying.

    You can see the box is drawn in 2 point perspective. I’m having trouble locating where the lines on the box are converging to, where the vanish point and horizon are. I try converging the lines to a normal horizon line but it does not converge correctly since it makes one vanish point above the other vanish point, it doesn’t allow 2 vanish point to be on that same horizon line.

    Does this mean there is another horizon line which is tilted? If the vertical lines of the box is tilted, then there should be a second horizon line on a tilt so that it can converge correctly to?

    2 ) Can someone please repost the picture and show me where the horizon line go? Just want to see if I am correct in what I’m trying to understand.

    I hope I made sense, thanks.

  • SVS OG

    @Only-The-Real-Survive hello - your drawing is looking good! the horizon line is a constant and does not change or a better way to put it is it represents our eye level so if our eye level changes the position of the horizon line changes. Vanishing points can be anywhere ... they do not have to hit the horizon but are relative to it when constructing drawings using perspective - if the guitar were laying down on its back and we made a box around it the 2 vanishing points of the box would hit the horizon line - if you draw a line straight up from where the construction lines meet the horizon line you will have a line that represents where the new vanishing points would be if you change the axis of the box.... if we lift up one end of the box you would still have the bottom edge that is on the ground having the same vanishing point it did before when it was laying flat(as long as that is the axis and the box is not tilted left or right also) the other vanishing point has risen above the horizon line though .. but it will be on that straight line we drew earlier ... so basically a vanishing point can end up anywhere but the horizon line stays the same....this is probably very confusing to read... I’ll try to upload a drawing 🙂

    EDIT: o.k. here is a quick sketch of what i was trying to explain...maybe David Hohn will jump in on this he is awesome with perspective and could probably explain it much better

    2nd Edit: I just saw that you you did not make the drawing ..sorry ..I missed that 🙂


  • @Kevin-Longueil

    Hmmm sorry for my lack of knowledge as I’m very new.

    Maybe I had the horizon line in the photo wrong. I always thought it was where the hammer is. Is there a technique to find where exactly the horizon is?


  • SVS OG

    @Only-The-Real-Survive You are right about the horizon line it is above the hammer..maybe right below the bottom brown ring on the growler. Your original question was asking how a tilted objects related to the horizon line - my sketch was just to show that the vanishing points do not have to hit the horizon and how to figure out where they might be in relation to it....

    this book cannot be beat, maybe check it out...he has a second one too but this covers most of it - all of his books are so good!

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