February Yeti cooking -update with 3d model

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    Trying new things - i started over this morning and this is what i've got so far....my goal this month is to use color even if it turns out terribly and to make a fun image that looks like it might belong in a children's book - This is pretty rough still - needs a lot of work (eyes for instance ..also the yeti may need an apron now that i think of it ) but i'm feeling the "fun-ness" of it and feel like the composition is finally working - have not added the smoke wafting out the window but i'm woking on it... i know this may not qualify as a spot but i think it also might - anyways.. thanks for looking and any feedback is alway very appreciated.

    Update with small changes - (had a couple hours today:)

    Friday Morning Yeti.png

    Original sketch minus fox

    Untitled_Artwork 32.png

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    @Kevin-Longueil ... now that I’ve taken a bit of a break from it I’m thinking the fox should have his bowl in his lap ...not held out like he’s about to get a ladle of stew...funny how mistakes are much easier to see once something is posted!

  • Maybe your fox need bigger ears? I think the silhouette would be more recognizable? Does it make sense?

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    @ValD agreed! he is not very fox'ish yet... pretty sure he will be a fox...

  • Really nice design! I always envy artists that have such clear detail and clean lines. Can't wait to see this finished. πŸ‘

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    @K-Flagg Thank you!

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    Just an update...spent much of the day trying to get the wafting to look right - it is supposed to look like the smoke is going out the open window and we are seeing a cut-away of the cave so we can see the smoke on the outside of the cave also.... i feel like it is working?? still some drawing to do - need to work on the Yeti and the Fox - fox's hands are too big and i think her feet should be farther from the fire...original thought was she was warming her feet but i have the fox and yeti so crammed in there for the composition that i think she would be cooking her feet... and her clothes are just kind of blobs at the moment...same with the Yeti..what Is he wearing?..need to sort that out ...the Yeti's face started out as a placeholder but it has really grown on me... needs pupils i think...same with the fox ....need to get them squared away before i work out the values..(the wafting will probably not be so dark by the finish)..and then on to color.... Thanks for looking - any feedback is always appreciated πŸ™‚

    Two Chimneys Small.png

  • this is great! I love how you're using line work to describe all these different textures and materials. I also love how the cozy, round composition tells us about the shape of the room without defining its edges. I totally think the smoke curling out the window and above the roof is readable, but I actually wonder if you need that chimney pipe up there at all?
    I think the fox does look like she's warming her feet by the fire, but maybe have one of them flexed, with the sole toward the fire?

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    @Valerie-Light Thank you for the feedback Valerie - it is super helpful! Was not sure if the inside/outside thing was working. There are two little stoves to the Yeti's left, one with a pot and one with a tall kettle on it - there is even a scribbly hint of one in the original color sketch idea next to the oversized squirrel and blob of a chicken ... i looked up. "Himalayan stove" and found some cool images and based the design on that...my thought is to have a tiny glow from the two stoves and a bit more from the large oven in the wall..maybe it will make more sense then...main problem is i am not so good with color yet so we'll see how that goes - but if the stove pipe is distracting in a "why is that there" way maybe i should get rid of it...or maybe shorten it?.. thank you for the feedback it has given me something to think about πŸ™‚

  • @Kevin-Longueil where do you imagine the smoke from the fireplace/bread oven is venting in the house? I think that might be thing to address, too. 2 chimneys?
    The stove pipe that you have does make sense to be there, but maybe in a more developed line work. However, seeing that one stove pipe made me wonder how the other fireplace would work with a window there. Sorry if this comes off as nitpicky- not my intention at all.

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    @Valerie-Light no that is great!..nit-picky is what i need ...in the original design i had all stove pipes joined together to the one in a sort of rickety fashion... maybe i should go back to that or get rid of one of the stoves or add the second chimney as you mention - thank you this is very helpful πŸ™‚

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    @Valerie-Light I put a quick second chimney in the drawing above - does this solve the issue? - no worries if it does not - thanks again for your feedback πŸ™‚

  • @Kevin-Longueil honestly i didn't realize that part needed a chimney, but I like it there because it helps establish more of the 'outside world' above the roof. I think I'm not reading the round fireplace with the bread in it correctly, though. Do you think you can sneak third chimney in to the left of the window? I can't figure out where the smoke from bread baking would go, or maybe I just don't understand how that kind of oven is built?

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    @Valerie-Light ..oh That oven!... LOL - that one was tied into the other pipes also in the beginning of this drawing but got erased because the lines went right behind Yeti's hand and were distracting me.... I'll work on that - Thanks!!

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    Increased the scale of the yeti... i think it is working better now... one disturbing thing is that the fur texture becomes pixilated and blurry when i post it here... i'm thinking i need to change the fur texture ...the longer lines in the beard area seem to translated better when i reduce the size from the 11 x 17'ish original for posting...glad i saw this now πŸ™‚ anyways...any thought on the scale increase?

    Latest 5.png

  • This is just excellent! You are very skilled. +3 on the scale increase! He looks much more imposing and true to the spirit of "Yeti." Can't wait to see the finished piece!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Great idea increasing the yeti's size! This piece has such an awesome flow to it.

  • @Kevin-Longueil Looking great! What a wonderful improvement!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Great improvement!

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    @Jeremiahbrown @Valerie-Light @alicia @Emma-Echter Thank you All so much! I really appreciate it πŸ™‚

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