elaborate spot illustration?? is there a such thing

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    here is a quick sketch of what i'm thinking for the composition of the spot illustration/s - i am trying to loosen up and have a more fun with my pieces.. i really enjoyed the footprints in the snow prompt a couple months back and thought i might reuse my fox character in this piece somehow...it is supposed to be a cutaway of the yeti's kitchen with the wafted aroma being appreciated by mr. fox - no complete background in either ...just enough to set the stage ...i feel like this is a spot illustration or two separate spots - the yeti and his tiny dinner guests - and the fox...but i could be wrong....any thoughts on whether or not this does or does not meet the the "spot illustration" criteria...or any other thoughts too of course would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Untitled_Artwork 28.png

  • @Kevin-Longueil I feel like they are more like vignettes then spot illustrations but I could be wrong on that (but it has so much more background included, even for the first I'd cut out the blue sky). But I do like how one leads to the other however I feel that seeing the Yeti words right next to the wolf spoils the story for me a bit. It's like giving away the ending at the beginning. Perhaps instead of a vertical sensory experience do a horizontal one with the yeti and the beginning of the story text together and the wolf to the right (now though I can see how this may be boring but you could have the aroma wafting "journey" meeting other things or creatures that are interested or not at all (I do realize this is a lot more work) or you could maybe have stuff in waft (smoke) that may give clues to the wolf whose eventually going to snuff it out). Anyways, I have gone off on tangent. I look forward to your work progressing and very happy to see you return and participate. 🙂

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    @Heather-Boyd Thank you for the feedback Heather! I agree with your thoughts... i put more woodland creatures admiring the smells in last night ...by more i mean one...and by woodland i mean a chicken 🙂
    Yes i have a fear these would be considered vignettes ... i did find example of illustrations that called themselves spot illustrations that had simple or incomplete backgrounds(nice example of confirmation bias) i agree about the text too - i just kind of threw it in there (its a blown up cut and paste from Chip's post about the prompt) but it is not working as well as it could and seems backward ( to be honest my thinking was that the backwardness was maybe a good thing... but I think you are right)...my first idea now is to not break the text up over the page and just have a block in the top right with all four lines - easy fix, lazy fix?... i'll work on that 🙂 thank you again for your feedback - i really appreciate it!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Maybe then have the text 1/3 down the page just below where you placed "and the secret spices" that way it isn't seen right away.

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    @Heather-Boyd that is a good option too - thanks!
    ..also maybe losing the fox might be good...

  • @Kevin-Longueil I like the fox/wolf -it's a destination but anyways, you do you. 🙂

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