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  • Finished my Yeti House entry but can't find how to resize it to 500KB and hitting share button gets me nowhere in sending it. Tried copy and resize. Tried to send it to my own email and ... nothing. Working on iPad and Procreate. Any advice?

  • As a last resort I usually create a new canvas on Procreate or a desktop software with a lower resolution. Then I insert the high resolution image and export the final image. It may take a few tries to find the highest resolution without going over 500 kB, but it should work eventually. 🙂

  • I just realized you're saying (I think) that you can't export the final image from Procreate. Did you also try selecting "Save Image"? You could then send it to yourself by email from your photo library or save it on a cloud or another storage system. I'm not sure I understood right, so maybe this reply isn't actually useful....sorry if that's the case

  • SVS OG

    @Kim-Hunter Not sure if this is what you are asking but if you click canvas/crop resize/settings/resample-snapping - you can resize your canvas then you hit the wrench icon again and hit share - I choose png and then hit “ save image “ it will appear in your photos - then it the upload button all the way to the right above this text box and it will give “photos” as an option - your painting should be there - I think 250 kB is the max
    Usually somewhere around 1100 pixels on the longest dimension will come in around 2500 kb - i usually send an image to my mac and whittle it down in "preview" where it tells you the file size

  • Followed your directions but it doesn't change the file size at all. Even dropped it to 1/4 of the size and under wrench and statistics, it still says 210 MB If I open a blank canvas of the same original size, it says it's .17 MB. Something's not right. I'll try to copy and paste it into a new canvas and see what happens. Thanks for your help.

  • SVS OG

    @Kim-Hunter When you get to the point where you can change the pixels choose 1100 or 1200 this should get you close to the size will lose a lot of detail but it is always the case

  • It doesn't give me that choice. I can change page size or DPI. I went down to 72 DPI since I have some memory of that being good for viewing on a screen and the wrench said it's now 172 MB. I think 500KB is .5 MB. It's getting bigger. Arrrrrgh!

  • SVS OG

    @Kim-Hunter sent you a chat with my number - I can try to walk through it with you

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