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  • Hey guys. Was wondering if someone could help me out with a procreate issue.

    Whenever I duplicate and transform or resize anything it becomes pixelated. Does anyone have any solutions for this? I know you can do it in photoshop, although I'm not currently subscribed as I don't have any need for it atm.

  • Hello @mollylgm this is completely normal. Whenever you resize an image, you should always keep in mind that you are losing some percentage of resolution as you increase it in size. The bigger it is, the less resolution it keeps.

    The only program I can think of that doesn't have this problem is Clip Studio Paint because that's a raster-based program. Adobe programs also work with rasters but I don't know if Photoshop specifically is raster-based.

  • SVS OG

    @mollylgm What size canvas are you using and what is your dpi? - this does not happen to me on my ipad pro so just wondering maybe your canvas is small or your dpi is low? If you cut and paste it should stay exactly the same with no change - if you transform the cut and past it Will change, but if your resolution is high it should not look "wrong" - i use A4 @ 300 dpi as a reference

  • I typically work @ 300 dpi just to avoid this issue. Any thing lower it seems to become a bigger issue. On procreate you can check your dpi by going to the settings tab and selecting canvas stats I know its in one of the tabs in stats you can also edit it there

  • @Michael-Angelo-Go Thanks for the suggestion. Will check out Clip studio paint 🙂

  • @Kevin-Longueil It happens on any canvas size i use. I always use 300 dpi. I'm using an ipad air, although as you say it seems to happen whenever you transform things. Thanks for the input!

  • @Michael-Angelo-Go

    Rasters are the reason it becomes pixelated. Vectors do not pixelate because they are plotted points.

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