Kelly’s Yeti Home WIP

  • Hey everybody, here is my process so far. I’m having a hard time with adding the chimney and mail box. It seems since he’s more of a reclusive technology based yeti, what would those even look like and still make sense? Let me know what you think. Critiques welcome!

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  • Nothing about my yetis house makes sense lol I have a fire inside an iceberg😂 you could try something more streamline or go the other route and have it be like very rough and inventive like mailbox out of found things all fused together? Or straight up made of ice?

  • I like it. It has a very Superman ice fortress vibe. If he is a recluse you could make the mailbox a broken down, forgotten thing. And your chimney could blow bubbles or snow or something innovative.

  • Mailbox: I wonder if you could get a close up shot of a computer screen though a window or something with a 'mailbox' app open on it. Maybe with a 'block all incoming' feature 😉 .

    Chimney: I think you might have to invent your own here. Maybe a stack of flying saucer shapes on a pole? With a bit of smoke to complete the hint that it's a chimney?

  • This is awesome so far!! For a tech-savy yeti, I would suggest a mailbox that looks pretty industrial, like stainless Steel metal box roughy attached to some vertical stand. Or you could even look at a microwave or other kitchen appliances just for design ideas. It might look out of place at first, but you could make it match. Good luck!

  • @erinrew ooooh I like the idea of a broken down forgotten mailbox. That would work well I think. Thanks for the imput!

  • @Cayleen that is a great idea for the chimney! The saucer idea is really cool! Thanks for helping, I was so stuck.

  • @Elisa-Miko-Price Thank you for the suggestion! I might try that. You guys are so helpful 😁

  • It is so awesome how well the home and the yeti match up.

  • Love the home design @K-Flagg! First thing I said was Wow!

    Since your Yeti is reclusive, you might want to remove the Christmas lights since that gives off more of a cheerful vibe.

    The power lines and satellite dish are throwing me off a little because the glowing crystals feel so magical.

    Just a few thoughts.

  • @KayPotter thanks, I wanted them to make sense together in case I put them in a portfolio.

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