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  • Hello all,
    I was hoping some of you would feel comfortable in showing your art/style Progress through the years or even just the time you have been withSVS. I often love to view a forum on readitt that is just art progress but I would love to see some of yours! So if you're feeling up to it please post an illustration from when you first began and one that represents your current style. And also I would love to hear how you think SVS has aided you in your progress.
    Thank you 😊

  • This sounds fun I’ll see if I can dig up some old stuff!

  • Ok so I used to really love anime and manga I still do but I realized it isn’t really my forte when it comes to drawing it. So this image is about 10 years old and it was one of my first attempts at manga lol sorry for the poor quality I had to steal it from my own Pinterest I don’t know where the original got to.03CFEAE5-B4B9-442A-A44D-F17139E3849D.jpeg

    A little after that phase I got started painting. A coworker I had at the time was also an artist and I envied his loose messy style. I had always been very controlled with my art. So when I began painting on big canvases I really started to let go and embrace the mistakes. I think it has really helped me find my painterly style but when I had kids I realized after reading all me favorite picture books and new faves that I wanted to start drawing again and illustrate some of my own. So now I’m trying to find that balance between my painterly loose and controlled detail, and that’s where svs came in. They have truly helped me hone in my style and improve the fundamentals behind my work. Wow sorry for my life story sheesh ok so here’s where I am to day!


  • Pro SVS OG

    My progress was quite drastic I would say... even back when I was new to illustration, I was getting books to illustrate (for selfpublished authors). I knew my art wasn’t there yet, but I needed the money and wanted to learn. (And was stupid enough to put my name on the cover -I would change that part now, but... oh well 😒)
    Sooo... here’s one of my very first books (about 6 years ago)
    And here comes the progress - I got to illustrate new story with the same characters after a year or so
    7B1F08CD-51F7-46E2-B83E-53D59579325F.jpeg CE949D89-929C-467D-98F9-A769EF20E4CE.jpeg
    And how my art looks now:
    0E8628C4-C57D-46A3-BF40-3D6D2ED752B3.jpeg 72BB2CB8-4E75-46A6-92AD-F0C866D77A82.jpeg
    SVS has a lot to do with me being able to choose colours, develop my style, just, you know, be a better illustrator. And still there’s so much to learn! I love it! 🙂 it’s a great time we’re living in (except for the virus and stuff 🤨). I would never had these possibilities of learning from such a great artist where I live. Internet is great! 😆

  • @mag wow you have come far!

  • @Asyas_illos @mag wow! Awesome progress from both of you! Thank you for sharing 😁

  • Holy Moly! Thank you for sharing. It's amazing to see how you've developed as an illustrator. 🙂 Great stuff.

  • I've been drawing my entire life. Since I was 11 years old I've had a pencil in my hand. I am an excellent artist. However I am a lousy illustrator and cartoonist.

    Em2ANrsVQAIz7Dj.png )

  • I was on the bus in Seattle and I looked out the window and I saw this persons image perfectly reflected back to me. So I took a picture out the window that was reflecting and drew this later.


  • I saw this guy in the bus tunnels of Seattle. So I drew him. We were all stuck because the a bus broke down and I asked if I could draw him. So that's him. I forget his name


  • Christmas in Seattle. I forget the year. At the Northgate Malle this guy was sleeping. His hat described him as a vet. Notice the window sign behind him? This image tells a gruesome story of how we're failing our vets and just humanity in general.

    I have so many more drawings. I could post.

    I will never, ever, take up digital art. I am a traditional artist and will die so. So I just started my Yetti house. Wait til you see what I have in stored.


  • 8956675D-0DD6-48BD-84AD-A4335F8A151E.jpeg
    This is one of my first digital painting. It is from 5 years ago. I had no clue what I was doing, my process was all over the place. A lot of my digital artwork back then was not completed.

  • 9E7AEAC6-280E-4986-859E-8403C1A80A85.jpeg
    This one is 3 years old. My process is still over the place. Back then I would draw the character before I even thought about the background.

  • EE43C34F-2526-400D-895C-CDA0CC2D02B1.jpeg
    I had joined svslearn in feb last year. I did this in October of last year. This was the first time I felt like I wasn’t fighting with the artwork. It was also the first time I actually planned out my work and was totally happy with the results.

  • @robbery I can still see your style through each image and you have made huge leaps! Good for you! I am still that way always thinking about the character first instead of background!

  • Thank you.

  • Hi! Long time listener of the podcast and I actually just signed with my literary agent Rebecca Sherman at Writers House! (It might be a little premature to share since I'm still working on getting my info up on their website but I'm very excited)

    Here's a post I made in the forum this year and what my portfolio looks like now. I still have lots to work on, but excited to keep going!

    You can see the original post here
    Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 10.32.43 PM.png

    And as of today
    IMG_0202 copy.jpg

  • @Katie-Kordesh My heart haha. I love your current pieces. It's perfect for children's books and editorial! It definitely packs more punch than just spot illustrations. Could you give some tips on how you come up with your concepts and play with perspective? I've been struggling a lot with doing full spread illustrations 😅

  • Such a curious question! It made me want to re-track my steps as well haha.

    up until July of 2020 I was mainly a traditional watercolor artist but when work started to come in and personal projects needed to get done, I shifted to digital art.

    This year I'm aiming to brush up my portfolio with full paged illustrations showing backgrounds and different perspectives so I could approach art agents more confidently. Definitely watching this thread to see your guys' updates haha.

    art-progress-02.jpg art-progress.jpg

  • @mag love it! so jealous of your olor choises!

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