Slowvember WIP

  • Hey people,

    I wonder if any of you have some critique or tips for me? Also I am new to this forum! c:

    alt text

    I already made some (very scribbly) notes for myself with the mouse...

    alt text

    Btw find my art @ instagram

  • @emergingeden Do you generally work out the sketch, values and colours all at once? I think if you started with some thumbnails and then concentrated on just your drawing (because it seems your still working out composition, placement and even adding addition animals) will help and then you can proceed with value, colour and texture. Also is the environment in a warm sand climate or a warm winter one?

    🙂 and welcome again,

  • @emergingeden I love your mouse notes🤣 For me it looks like the lady is really hot. Is that what you wanted to show?

  • @Heather-Boyd Yes I guess I do. This is what I'd call a "color sketch" and I'm not really married to the composition at this point. I like to spend a lot of time on experimenting with both color and composition and usually go between those until I "hunker down" on the details. I guess I'm very chaotic sorry ^^

    I do thumbtails before hand and I did do some of those for this but I often still adjust composition after sketching. I guess I'm a perfectionist but I really enjoy that process.

    It's like a misty warm winter, I have some figuring out to do there

    alt text

  • @aska No it isn't haha I will look into that! 😄 She's supposed to look surprised at the bird thing (which is a place holder atm)

  • @emergingeden I'll just stick to commenting on story content from your updated one: 1. are there leaves in the winter lols? 2. maybe adjust the gestures of those elk (ish)? maybe a head lowered in the furthest away one -maybe it's looking for vegetation; maybe the middle one looks at one of the other elk (ish). Just some more variation and interaction.

    The colours are heavenly like cotton candy lols. And the trees in the front help create more depth nicely.

  • @Heather-Boyd Thank you! Those are great tips!

    It's made me realise that I shouldn't only focus on the visual but should also work on my storytelling skills content wise (:

  • SVS OG

    Welcome, @emergingeden! I'm still a little unclear on the story so it's hard to evaluate from the POV, but one tip I often hear from the teachers is not to put your main character in the middle unless you have a good reason for it. To me, if she was a little to the right, the animal overlapping (not tangential with) one of the trees, it might give more of a feeling of her riding into the scene. Also, you could vary your tree sizes a little more. Your shrink as they go back in perspective, which is correct, but adjusted for that they seem to be about the same size and shape.

    Then again, as you say, the composition is still fluid, so maybe these trees are place holders as the bird is. If we understand more about your priorities it could help us to critique better.

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