Scbwi winter conference online- anyone signing up?

  • I was considering becoming a member in the new year but have yet to decide when. Let me know how it goes.

  • @Coley Thank you for the description. It seems like I need to get onto twitter. Everyone else seems to be talking about events on there!
    I have signed up to the illustration day and the whole weekend. I am really looking forward to it.

    I recently joined SCBWI and there is a lot going on. I am from the UK (South). It is nice to be able to do more online without having to travel abroad but I hope I still get to meet some people during the conference.

    I have joined a local group that just do updates and targets for each month, which meet once a month via zoom (used to meet in a local pub) and that has been really interesting. The group is mostly writers but its nice to learn more about the industry as I still feel very much like a beginner! I also find there facebook groups really helpful. People are always posting when things are happening and its really interesting.

    So far I have not done any of the presentations as are in the middle of the night for me or about writing. My region has not had any presentations recently but should have more next year.

    There are good resources on there website. There book: The Book: Essential Guide to Publishing for Children has been very interesting and so are there newsletters. At the moment I have found it all a bit overwhelming as there is so many things to read and watch on there website so I feel like there is more to get from it if I spend some more time finding things.

  • @seelliott yes, it certainly can be overwhelming! There's so much information and so many resources. It's good to take it one little bit at a time 😉

  • Signed up. Hope to many of you there (on zoom).

  • Signed up. Very excited!

  • @Coley It looks like this is different from the summer conference in that they are only doing peer critiques. I'm still going to sign up in order to be part of the portfolio showcase, but just wanted to make sure you understood what they're offering the same way as I did, no paid critiques by industry professionals this time, right?

  • I skimmed through and also didn’t see that there was much in the way of industry professionals reviewing manuscripts or portfolios so I didn’t sign up because that’s mainly what I’m interested in right now. I love the idea of having a separate chat going on, but I hate twitter and just can’t get into it! Love reading everyone else’s comments and would be interested in hearing how it goes and what everyone’s take on it is.

  • Thanks for the info. Does anyone know if SCBWI provide replay for participants? I have a small baby at home, so it is impossible to stay in front of computer all day long ... They have a policy of no recording written on the webpage, so I probably can't record screen ....

    plus, are people in certain continents going to participate mid-night?? I live in NYC, so it is OK for me, but suddenly had this questions. People probably will feel sleepy at some point during the conference and need replays too ...

  • SVS OG

    @idid yup, you can view the recordings if you sign up for the event.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz Great news ! Thank you so much!

  • @idid I think last time you could watch them for up to a month later but I didn't notice this time if there's a specific time limit. But yes is the answer as @Nyrryl-Cadiz mentioned!

  • @carolinebautista no critiques this time. I think that's correct. Other than the peer manuscript thing which i totally don't understand one little bit 😜 I am not availing of that anyhow as I have no time to write atm anyhow. Hopefully someday though
    I tried signing up for the illustrators intensive but I couldn't figure it out and currently only registered for the basic weekend thing. I've sent them a message but I'm probably going to have to keep sending messages.

  • @Coley - Hi there, I’m going to go along, I actually got interested in Scbwi in general after reading earlier posts between yourself and @Neha-Rawat, so thank you, and what an amazing achievement to win the portfolio showcase 👏🎉. I’m a beginner but I’d love to join any Scbwi winter conference chat group you have nearer the time. I’m a bit disappointed as hadn’t realised there’s no chance for one to one critique, I’m needing to improve lots so could do with the feedback, but looking forward to getting inspired by other amazing writers and artists! (By the way @coley - I meant to say a while back, I LOVED your Wizard of Oz book cover, it was one of my favourites so I could not understand why it wasn’t in the top 16 of critique arena! It was awesome! Well done this month too, beautiful image for “together”.

  • @Lorna-H thanks for the compliments 😁 . Nice to have some feedback too 😊.
    I'll definitely add you into the chat When the time approaches! I'll refer back to this thread so I don't miss anyone!
    It was a fun little way to connect with each other so I'm really looking forward to it again. Thanks again and will definitely add you when the time comes 😊

  • @Coley - thank you so much. That would be awesome 😊

  • I’m starting an Instagram chat for anyone who is registered for the winter conference and wants to chat during it, just chat about some of the talks etc, of course people could have a bigger, more open thread here on the forum if they want too. But if you want something a little smaller, send me a message here on the forum with your Instagram name or message me on Instagram. I’m nicoleledrewmayart I think. Lol. Or just Nicole LeDrewmay. You’ll find me!
    @A-Former-User @Heather-Boyd @idid @LauraA @Lorna-H @Nyrryl-Cadiz @Nyrryl-Cadiz @seelliott @theprairiefox @VeronicaMui @xin-li you guys mentioned you might be doing it so if you are, let me know

  • @Coley I’ll be attending the conference this weekend. My Instagram is erin_rew_author_illustrator.

  • SVS OG

    @Coley I'll be there too ..for as much as i can... it looks like recordings of the events will be available through March 31st which should prove helpful.

  • @Kevin-Longueil yes for sure!

  • I was just thinking about this earlier today! The small group chat we had going on last time made the event so much more fun. I've signed up this time as well so please add me to the group! My handle is 🙂

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