Watercolour after 'Let It Glow' class

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    Just wanted to share something here...you see, I've always admired watercolour but it's never worked for me in the way I want it to...I love it, but it doesn't love me. It's beautiful, beguiling and mysterious...so many beautiful pieces out there, but when I try to emulate it myself, it typically doesn't work so well. Makes me feel as though I'm a man chasing after a beautiful woman who's not interested no matter how hard I try...(and maybe trying too hard is part of the problem, with watercolour).

    But before Christmas I watched @Lee-White's Let It Glow class, which I found really useful.. just getting a better idea of watercolour basics and how he handles the paint, was really good. This piece doesn't glow at all, but for the first time I did something I liked. Hooray! I know it's not up there with the best, but for me, it's improvement. And I'm really excited to get better.

    So, I'm hoping that the SVS watercolour class (that was being talked about in the other thread a while back), is happening too....



  • Very nice work @Dulcie just keep working at it. Watercolor is challenging but very fun to paint with. There are tricks to learn. Different paper's take the paint and water differently. I personally like to paint on hot press paper which is totally different as compared with cold press or rough.

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    Thanks @Rob-Smith, I will keep trying - challenging but fun is a good way to describe it. Yes I was hearing in the class about the importance of paper choice. I haven't tried hot press paper but hopefully with time I'll try out more methods 🙂

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    I'm so glad you enjoyed the class. I'm preparing a much more in depth watercolor class which will come after my soon to be released business class.

    This is looking terrific! I really love it! Add a slight shadow to where the vase is ssitting down on the table and you are done! : )

  • @Dulcie you did a beautiful job. You have some beautiful washes in this painting. When ever I paint with watercolor I feel like the paint has its own personality, when you get it the results are lovely.

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    @Lee-White Thank you, glad you like it and I'm really pleased you're going ahead with the in-depth course. I will definitely be watching! Yes I do need a shadow at the bottom there.

    @ShereeNorthrup Thanks 🙂 The paint definitely has a mind of its own…

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    Wow, gorgeous. Watercolor just frustrates me every time I try it, I started oil painting too soon and just got used to that I think ;-). I am impressed.

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    This is really pretty, well done. Watercolor continues to break my heart though I love her so...looking forward to Lee's next class on it.

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    Looks great. I love watercolor but I do a lot with ink and fill in. I look forward to the watercolor class!

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    @Lee-White Yay! I'm looking forward to the watercolor class!!!

  • So impressive! I love seeing other people succeed in this beautiful medium!

  • How lovely... in the midst of winter it is so refreshing to see such colorful work. Thank you for sharing!

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    @Sarah-LuAnn @Charlie-Eve-Ryan @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen @bharris @Lisa-Middleton-Griffin Thanks all for your kind words.

    @Sarah-LuAnn I know, it's been frustrating for me too. But oil paints are a good choice too...I would characterise them as the kind of man I'd want to marry - solid, dependable, handsome too...yet still nuanced and interesting 🙂

  • I love it! beautifully done.

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