Will Terry's New Book -Need some clarification!

  • So I backed Will Terry's new book -YAH and paid for it (Visa) but then I got this email "Response Needed -- Get your reward for What They Don't Teach In Art School" -we need your response to get my rewards faster. When I went to fill it out - it asks me to pay again? There are 4 parts, questions, add ons, shipping, confirm. I don't want add ons if that helps. If I don't want add ons do I just ignore the email? I've cancelled out of the page because I don't want to pay twice but like to get the book I paid for.

    I'd appreciate some clarification and help if someone could spare some time, I would be extremely appreciative,

    Heather Boyd

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    @Heather-Boyd I'm not sure but I think this is just to enter or confirm your shipping address for when they send the book, and you have one last chance to change your pledge to get add ons if you want to. I don't think it's actually making you pay again, unless you add something new. I've pledged for the digital version only and haven't received this email (I think because it's only sent to physical copies buyers to confirm shipping address). But in the past when I've pledged for physical products, I was sent this kind of email when it got close to ready to ship, to confirm where to send it to. Hope this helps.

  • This email is asking you to confirm your purchase and to charge for shipping. I live in the US and my shipping was about $10. They did not charge again for the book.

  • @NessIllustration I asked for the digital version and got the email. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

  • Thanks everyone.

  • Did you get your answer? I've backed projects on a lot of different platforms, so I can't remember exactly, but usually there are 3 reasons you get that type of email. They always confirm your email and address this way, so make sure you reply in some fashion. They give you the opportunity to upgrade your pledge. Lots of people do this, especially when bonus goals have been unlocked. So you'll just reconfirm your choice. And third, you'll need to check your transaction specifically. Many projects don't actually charge you until the project funds and the campaign ends. I couldn't tell from your post, but see how much you were actually charged when you originally pledged. Sometimes you are not charged at the outset. Or were you charged the price of the item? then you'll still need to pay the shipping, which may be the point of that email. Hope that helps and lets you know how to follow up.

  • @Heather-Boyd I thought that was really weird as well. I have backed a lot of projects and the shipping is usually included in the reward (unless you are out of the country). For ones I have done from England, they have required you to select the destination country so they get the right upfront.

    Getting charged on the back end for shipping without knowing that charge is coming is odd. Not to mention inconvenient as I have to go get the CC and charge it again. I was very surprised I was getting charged again.

    Not a huge deal but definitely an inconvenience... but it is @Will-Terry s first Kickstarter (I think).

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    @theprairiefox Actually a month or 2 ago Will made an update on his Kickstarter about the shipping. He mentioned that although shipping was meant to be included at first (I think), he had gotten some quotes and realized how ridiculously expensive the shipping would be, especially international. He said he would have no choice but to charge it separately, but added a "digital only" tier so people could downgrade their pledge if they didn't want to pay additional for shipping. That's what many including me did, since I'm not in the US. When you confirm in this email I think you still have the option to downgrade if you want πŸ™‚

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    Hi Heather, yes, I was a bit confused myself, but after going through the process, here's what I know from my own personal experience:

    This Response Needed prompt is, indeed, to pay for the shipping cost. Don't add another book to your shopping cart unless you want another copy. You'll see when you check out that the cost for the book itself has been credited to you since you already paid, and you will only be charged for shipping.

    You also have the option of switching your pledge amount or level. Pledge options include soft cover, hard cover or e-book. To switch, in the first window of this confirmation process, you'll see at the top "Your Pledge Level" and a link below. Here's a screenshot. You'll see that just now I switched my pledge level from $29 (soft cover book) to $19 (e-book). Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 11.22.18 AM.png

    Switching levels left me with a $10 credit. I probably could have gotten that money credited back to my credit card, but then there's an add-on for an audiobook version for $10. So I went ahead and got that as well because sometimes I feel like looking at the words, and sometimes, I like multi-tasking with audiobooks. Both versions of his book, audio and e-book, added up to the cost of my original soft cover book pledge. So no further monies were exchanged. And I just have to wait for my purchases to arrive in my Inbox, I suppose.

    Moreover, I received an emailed receipt confirming my pledges, and also letting me know that I can still make changes to my order up until the book is ready to be printed. There was no indication of that timeline, however.

    Hope that helps.

  • I think everything has already been answered. I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner but I've been in meetings all day. Yes, we are now sending out surveys from backerkit to collect add ons, shipping info, and shipping costs. I know that for some backers who have not experienced the separation between product purchase costs and shipping costs it's unexpected.

  • @Heather-Boyd @Johanna-Kim @danielerossi When did you receive this email? I backed the soft cover but haven't yet received the email you are all mentioning, yikes! 😬 (I've checked spam folder, etc).

    Would you all mind letting me know when it came? Thanks!

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    @JoshuaDages I got my email September 30. Maybe if you sign into you account on Kickstarter, you'll see more info related to your order?

  • @Johanna-Kim Okay thanks! Yeah, I checked kickstarter too, but there's nothing there after Will's last update (8/28/20). Maybe the email is coming in waves. Thanks anyway!

  • @theprairiefox I did it but yeah I was pretty sure I had already paid for shipping. That and shipping seems to come to the same cost as the book itself. I couldn't do a digital copy for my head/eye strain I needed to buy the hardcopy.

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    Will has just posted an update on Kickstarter about this! He's working with BackerKit and says they are sending the surveys in batches and it will take a few weeks to complete the whole process. I just got my survey this morning! I'm at the ebook pledge and just had to click ok to everything - no prompt to enter my address or card number at all πŸ™‚

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    @Heather-Boyd If the strain is the problem, they also now have the audiobook option for $10! That's a really good price for an audiobook actually and you wouldn't need to pay for shipping πŸ™‚

  • @NessIllustration I have already paid, thanks. I did see that option but I like the images as well as the information. I read a little at a time. I like books even if they cost me more. Thank you anyways,

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    @Heather-Boyd Technically you haven't - we have pledged but the money hasn't yet been taken out from our cards! But I hear you about books, especially one like this is bound to have lots of great images to look at!

  • @NessIllustration I paid for the book portion I guess already, it's on my bank statement. I had to pay my visa bill a while back for it.

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    @Heather-Boyd Ah, I wonder if it's different from person to person. For me it Kickstarter appeared on my credit card, but the amount was $0

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