Akins OFFICIAL WIP: Don’t mess with the ink fairy...

  • So I have heard loud and clear from @Will-Terry and @Lee-White that I need to work on my story telling. I have the rendering skills, and need a few tweaks on composition.

    Sooooo. Here is my Take on the ink fairy.
    Concept: fairies do not like exposure NOR new fangled technology. Ellie forgot the #1 rule of fairies. They have serious magic and are not afraid to use it on mortals.

    Questions: does the overall composition tell the story?
    Should I use texture or not? (I did here, and I kinda want it, but not if it’s distracting or detracting.)
    Does his pose work? I used myself as a reference.

  • I love the fairy and his pose and the texture! I think you nailed the foreground. As for Ellie I think this is good but I think you could add more interest or develop the story further. Maybe make her hiding somewhere like she's sneaking up on the fairy but he discovered her plan. Not sure exactly how you'll want to approach it but I love the idea so far and I would def keep the angry pen wielding fairy. He's very cool. Maybe just spend more time developing the background story.

  • I think I’m done. I am thinking about turning the whole composition a little to make it a little more akimbo.

    How does it read?
    Is there enough of a story? My background on Ellie is that she is a fairy fan girl. She attends fairy conventions. Draws pix of them. Collects photo evidence of them. Her friends think she is weird and should just join band like other nerds. BUT she has seen an ink fairy. This picture will PROVE it!

    Only, you don’t mess with the ink fairy.


  • I knocked it akimbo and I like it a lot. I also like the word akimbo. It makes it look like nothing is stable and there is more action.

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    @chrisaakins I like this. As I was reading from the top I kept thinking, I wish I could see more of the fairy, he’s such a great character. And with this tilt there is more of him. 👍
    He does feel a little ”stuck in the corner of the frame” to me though. 🤔
    Maybe play with the cropping?

  • @burvantill I saw that and fixed it. Thanks! Yeah, I like his face, too. But for this scene I think this angle is the most action packed.

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