Feedback on ink fairy sketches

  • Hi! I always run out of time, and often overcomplicate the design, so starting early this month, and trying to keep It simple!

    Which sketch do you think works better? Anything you would change?



  • @silvialcg
    no 2! The face and form of the body gives the pice so musch more life.

  • Yes number 2 for me as well 🙂 better to see the face in this case. Probably you have to move the main character to the left a bit to create more overlapping. I think now you create a tangent between the doorway and the edge of her hair (and dress).

  • I agree! The second one's pose is much better. Maybe give the fairy a shocked expression 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @silvialcg hi! I like how you want to keep this piece simple but I think you’re making it too simple. Perhaps you can change the girl’s pose give her more action instead of just standing there with a camera. Maybe she’s facing towards the fairy, her camera aiming at the fairy. I also like the fairy in the second sketch.

  • Thanks, everyone! Great advice. I’ll go for number 2, and move the girl more to the left.
    @Nyrryl-Cadiz I was thinking about making the girl panic when she sees the fairy and clumsily drop the camera, capture the action as the camera is airborne... Just don’t know if I can make it work! I struggle a bit with gesture...

  • @silvialcg I think @Nyrryl-Cadiz is right about it being too simple, regarding the concept, and I think your idea about having her panic and drop the camera is a great one. I would also recommend to do a lot of thumbnailing with your idea, thinking the composition, character pose and what best highlights the story's concept. Work whatever is best for you, but I like to start of with simple lines and shapes to act as a placeholder and then build up from the one I like best, leaving character/ costume/ prop design to the later stages.

  • Thanks for the feedback @Gary-Wilkinson

    I do try to do the thumbnails first, but I end up giving it lots of detail! I gotta work on that...

    I created a third version. What do you think? Not sure her body is right... I was also wondering if I should crop the bottom, not sure...


  • SVS OG

    @silvialcg that's a great idea!

  • @silvialcg this is so much better already! It’s telling a story that is understandable even if the viewer didn’t know anything about the prompt! Als for the composition, maybe it would be nice to get us a bit closer to the scene, so it feels more like we’re part of the action? 🙂

  • @Freya-Chakour thanks! 😀 so helpful to have constructive feedback. How would you get closer? Cropping top and bottom maybe? Maybe make the girl bigger. I did consider that, I was just concerned about losing the house framing, as I thought it was interesting with the door arch and all that... what do you think?

  • @silvialcg hmmm yeah I think it’s definitely nice to see a bit of the room and the setting, and I like the picture on the wall. But on the right side there is really just the light button ( xD forgot what it’s called in English) soo I guess there are two ways for this, go nearer to the girl but loose a bit of the scenery, or make the scenery part of the storytelling. Like maybe there is a Gallery of mystic creatures that got photographed, or newsletters and notes pinned on a board or something like that 😊 also inside the room there is just this plant, maybe you can add some things there too

  • Thanks, everyone! Your feedback helped me sooooo much this month!

    I usually use the whole month, but I’ve decided to stop and commit. Gotta force myself to limit the time I spend on each project.

    Hope you like it. I already submitted, but feedback’s still appreciated. It’ll never be perfect!


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