September contest: WIP

  • So upon hearing the promp, I was immediately reminded of an elves and the shoemaker vibe. I think I might use a character and style that looks something like this. What do you think of it?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Here are my thoughts.
    First, what does an ink fairy do? I am thinking write notes and scratch out diaries and blot out homework. Draw mustaches on photos, etc.
    So with that in mind, here are my ideas:
    A. FBI type profiling board with tomorrow’s date circled as the day when they finally are going to catch him.
    B. The ink fairy stealing the film out of the camera with a diary revealing she was going to get a photo.
    C. Nice try, the ink fairy writes a note to the sleeping girl with her phone.
    D. Ink fairy laughing at diary entry
    E. Ink fairy surprised by lurking camera girl under bed
    F. Ink fairy accidentally drips ink over girl’s shoulder as she is writing about her plans to catch a photo of him.
    G. Ink fairy poses for a dead phone because he unplugged charger.
    H. Ink fairy blasts girl’s camera with ink from pen as she snaps photo.
    I. Puzzled girl looks at ink blotted photos while ink fairy giggles in foreground. Background is her inked photos. ( almost a conceptual piece, not sure I can pull it off)
    Please vote for one and tell me your thoughts. Thanks!

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