Paperlike, infty etc for ipad - worth it?

  • Hi all - I'm hoping any ipad users will be able to share their experiences here. I am considering getting a matte screen protector for my iPad. I am getting used to the feel of the pencil on the glass surface but I do miss the slight bite of pencil on paper and generally feel I have slightly better control in traditional mediums (this is more than offset by the ability to easily erase etc). Does anyone use one of these? If so, is it worth shelling out for one of the more expensive ones listed in the title? Do you find it has an impact on the clarity of the screen? Or any other suggestions?


  • @mamadraw

    Honestly I really love the paper like for the first like, 12 days maybe tops. It feels super great for a little while before it wears down (and it’ll wear your pencil tip down too!) but then it starts to get slippy. I really, really want to love it because it feels so great in the beginning!

    ... however I’ve started just using cheap matte protectors instead. They offer good enough resistance that isn’t as great as the paper like right out of the box, but they’re CONSISTENT. I had the same cover on my older iPad for its entire life without replacing it and it didn’t lose its texture.

    If I had the money to replace the paper like every two weeks, I would maybe consider it? I could even deal with it eating pencil tips if the protector itself didn’t wear down. I come from using brushes as my main tool, so I don’t use a ton of pressure when I draw (which is why I wanted more resistance in the first place!) Maybe someone has a better experience with one lasting a while from a different brand, because I would LOVE it if it didn’t die on me.

    Naked iPad vs matte screen protector though? It’s honestly still like night and day and I’d highly recommend trying it out! I love mine to bits and you’re only out a few bucks if you want to try it!

  • @korilynneillo Thanks so much - that's super helpful! I guess I'll give a generic matte protector a go (any particular one you use?) and see how I get on!

  • @mamadraw

    I think the brand I’ve been using is Super Shields or something like that? I’ll have to see if I’ve still got a spare one in my desk to double check for you!

  • @korilynneillo that's okay! I think I found the ones you have and they were unavailable in the UK atm so I have gone with another generic with good reviews. I will update here when I have had a chance to play with it. Thanks again for your help!

  • I use one that I'm forgetting the name of. Same thing, I love it for maybe a week then it's slippery again. I was going to order more ( but not excited about constantly replacing due to cost and environment issues too.. I just don't feel good about throwing stuff out).
    I'd be super interested in whatever @korilynneillo is using. 🙂

  • I have been using Paper-like on my iPad. It really improved the drawing experience for me. I was surprised at how much difference it made. The center of the screen has worn noticeably smoother with use, but it is still way nicer than the bare glass IMO.

  • @Coley

    Amazon receipts to the rescue! I couldn't find my box lol.

    I use this one amazon link

  • @mamadraw I tried the paperlike cover for a day but it ruined the screen resolution too much for me, so I took it off. I just got used to the glass and wear a drawing glove for a gentle hand glide and to stop my hand from sticking.

  • SVS OG

    @mamadraw I love and hate my Paperlike...i never had problems with having to repeat a hand gesture or with palm rejection before i put it on..but i do like the texture of it and have kept it does get beat up very quickly...

  • @korilynneillo ah, wicked, thanks so much! I’ll give it a try 😊

  • SVS OG

    @mamadraw i’ve been using my ipad for almost 3 years now and I never used a screen protector. I love how easily my hand glides on glass. My cintiq has a texture and I hate the surface resistance I experience when drawing.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz Interesting. I have an x-pen and it has a roughness that I personally appreciate but I do think the screen is a little duller which I really dislike. I guess the matte protector might present a similar pay off. It's coming this evening so I guess I'll find out soon!

    And thanks for digging that out @korilynneillo, if my one loses its edge fast I'll give that one a go next!

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