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    Hey guys just finishing up this piece and I am wondering what you think about the values and the focal point. I think I do this to myself more often than I should where I have two focal points that are fighting for the attention. I was trying to have a triangle with the smaller butterfly and dragonfly in the background but maybe they are blending in to everything else too much. Let me know what you think, thanks


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    Btw I do not know how to make my uploaded pics clear. If you click on it, it looks clear in another window, but in the post it looks fuzzy. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated 😩

  • Hi @holleywilliamson, I think it looks amazing!

  • I think your painting works quite well, but if you want the flying guy to be a stronger focal point, I would change the color of the yellow flowers to be more purple or at least away from the color of his wings. If you darkened the one at the bottom it would help the composure too by continuing the curve you have going on (currently it is breaking that line). You could also add some small hanging leaves/flowers to the top right which might help frame the border and avoid leaving empty space.

    Another suggestion would be to add some rim lighting to the sad butterfly which might help stand out a little more.

    It's a good painting though, so these are only just thoughts 🙂

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    @Jeremy-Ross thank you!

  • @holleywilliamson Oh this is so soft, I love it a lot! I agree with Gary that adding some rim lighting would really help the character on the left - it took me a couple of reads to tell that there was something going on besides flowers.

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    @Gary-Wilkinson thanks, good things to think about

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    @korilynneillo thank you, it is good to hear from fresh eyes.

  • Looks wonderful! Gives off a very spiritual atmosphere. Values. I feel are just a little too dark on the left hand side maybe try lifting values/colour up a little with some highlights maybe 👌

  • I love so many things about this piece! The colors are beautiful and your style is something that I would be happy to create half as well.

    I see what you're saying about the two focal points fighting. One thing I noticed is that the color split feels like it's right down the center (bright on the right, dark on the left). If you move the color split closer to a third, or maybe blend it a little more, it might ease the "two-sides" thing that's happening.

    I also wonder if moving the dragonfly down into the center of the light (or moving the light up) might help add focus to him. Right now it kind of looks like his feet are the focus and that you want the viewer to see those instead of his torso/head/wings.

    Just some thoughts. I am so excited to see the final product of this! Really beautiful job.

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