@VeronicaMui thank you for the comments!

I can definitely see how the right knee appears to face inwards; I think I originally thought it was a cool idea when I was drawing it, but now I have to agree, it looks more painful than cool!

One of my family members took a look at this work when I first finished it and pointed out the same issue with the forearm. I wanted it to be foreshortened, but It doesn't really give off that vibe with the way the body is positioned and all. It most certainly seems shrunk when I look at it now! (Maybe some extra line weight/bolding around the forearm would have helped to give off that effect?)

I intended the red laser blast to come from a person off screen at a higher level than the in-frame character (hence why this clone trooper character is pointing his blaster upwards); I wanted the laser to look like it was making an impact with the ground, but I can see how it actually looks as if the ground is shooting the laser! I do agree that the red laser should be raised at least some amount upwards from its current position.

Thanks again for your feedback and insight on my work! I appreciate it!